Borderlands 3 Shows Off New Pinging Feature

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While GuardianCon is not as large as other gaming conventions like E3 or PAX, some developers do make the journey down to Florida every year to show off some new content for those willing to put up with Florida's humidity for a couple days. Bungie gave fans some new Destiny 2 Season 8 details, and Gearbox focused on showcasing a bunch of the quality-of-life changes coming in Borderlands 3. One new feature showed off at GuardianCon is the ping system, which will allow players to mark locations, enemies, and loot for other players on the map, making it even easier to share information without a mic.

Ping systems have had a resurgence thanks to the popularity of Apex Legends, which brought ping systems back into the limelight. Now Borderlands 3 will feature this handy system, which will likely make the game a lot easier when playing with those who don't have a mic. In a new gameplay clip, Gearbox showed off how the new ping system works during the game's opening mission. While playing as Amara, the demo showed the player pinging ammo boxes, loot crates, enemies, and even environmental objects like barrels. This feature will allow players to easily point out specific locations for teammates rather than trying to give directions.

Some of the other changes coming in Borderlands 3 include mantling, sliding, loot instancing, and many other features that were first announced during the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal livestream. As part of the GuardianCon panel, the team also went more in-depth about the new ECHOcast Twitch extension. This handy extension will allow Twitch users to watch their favorite content creators live and interact with them in a brand new way. During random events in the extension, viewers can add buffs and debuffs to the streamer, making for a much more interesting playthrough. Viewers will also be able to earn loot for their own games just by watching Twitch streamers.

It seems that making the game a lot more user friendly is a big focus with Borderlands 3. All of the features shown off may greatly improve the gameplay experience as a whole, but we'll have to wait for launch to know for sure.

Borderlands 3 releases September 13 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gearbox

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