Borderlands 3 Glitch Gives FL4K Unlimited Pets

fl4k with his pet

Borderlands 3 players have discovered a new glitch that makes one of FL4K’s less-popular action skills extremely overpowered. With the glitch, FL4K players can summon an unlimited amount of pets, using them to deal damage to enemies in massive numbers.

The Borderlands 3 glitch only requires a few basic steps to setup, but does not work on PC. What players will need to do is equip FL4K with Gamma Burst as their Action Kill. Gamma Burst is the action skill that opens a rift and teleports the player’s pet to them.

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At Borderlands 3’s launch, Gamma Burst was a disappointing action skill and was significantly dwarfed by the Fade Away skill. But thanks to some buffs from Gearbox Software, pet-based builds are a lot more viable and they should continue to get stronger as the developer fine-tunes.

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With Gamma Burst equipped, players will then need to acquire a vehicle. This is the essential piece of performing this glitch, because driving in a vehicle despawns the pet. And when players exit a vehicle, the pet should spawn nearby.

To perform this Borderlands 3 glitch, players want to activate their Gamma Burst action skill as soon as they exit the vehicle. If done correctly, their pet should both spawn in as they get out of the vehicle and then appear out of the Burst’s rift. In essence, the consecutive actions confuse the game into “making” two pets instead of just one.

This process can be done any number of times, but it is difficult to get right. In the below video, a Borderlands 3 player is shown with 6 Skag pets, but they fail to make any more. Timing is crucial when it comes to this glitch because the player has to trigger the two spawns simultaneously or else the pet that appears will jump into the rift.

With Borderlands 3 set to add its first major DLC, Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, on December 19th it’s very likely that Gearbox Software will patch this glitch out. For the time being, players can mess around with it and see how many pets they can duplicate.

Gearbox has said that it is done with the drastic changes to Borderlands 3’s main characters, but there are still regular buffs and nerfs. Hopefully, the developers can continue to find ways to make pet-based builds better, because right now there are some much better FL4K builds out there.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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