Borderlands 3: Where is the Big 30 Day Patch?

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The day before Borderlands 3 officially launched, it was revealed that Photo Mode and the Twitch Echocast Extension would be limited to PC players for a short time. Gearbox was reportedly working on a 30-day patch that would see these, alongside other presumable extras, added to the console version of the game. However, many are now left wondering where that patch is, as the 30-day mark of Borderlands 3's release was passed up on October 13.

It's worth mentioning that Borderlands 3 did receive a small hotfix yesterday, one that nerfed quite a few legendary weapons and slightly buffed some of the Vault Hunter's primary skills. This received some flak in the community, with fans reacting to the weapon nerfs with memes and some saying that the Vault Hunter buffs would do nothing to help with its intended purposes. No doubt, many were also flustered over the fact these buffs and nerfs have been issued constantly, despite a lack of performance upgrades.

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Notably, there's likely different teams working on buffs and nerfs in Borderlands 3 hotfixes, and then the more significant, grueling upgrades. The former is easier to put out than the other, making the time between releases understandable, but if the other team is working on a 30-day patch, the question still becomes: where is it?

First, it's worth addressing that the 30-day point was likely an approximate date, as there would be no way to know for sure how long the changes would take to make and how long it would take for the patch to be certified. Since it is, at the time of this writing, only 5 days after that point, it stands to reason that it should be releasing some time soon. However, there are some hints as to when the Borderlands 3 patch will drop.


Since part of the patch is about the Twitch Echocast, it would make sense for this to drop at the beginning of the Mayhem on Twitch event associated with the Borderlands 3 anniversary event. It is set to begin October 22, and while details are uncertain at this time, it still related to Twitch, meaning this patch would likely be able to involve console players with whatever's going on. It's within a realm of possibilty that this event is tied to something else entirely, but if it were to involve the Twitch echocast, many console players may feel jilted if they are left out.

Another possibility is that this patch will go live alongside the Bloody Harvest event. An exact release date for it isn't known either, but given that a "spooky surprise" is promised for October 29, that would make the most sense. Given that it is adding a new area, new legendaries, a new boss, and more, this seems like the most likely time.

Of course, beyond the promised additions of this day 30 patch, many players may be hoping that this is when the promised Borderlands 3 dedicated drops finally get added. Many more are likely hoping this patch will also improve the game's various performance issues, but until it does release, there's no way of knowing what's up Gearbox's sleeve.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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