Borderlands 3 Officially Goes Gold

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Borderlands 3's release date is still a ways off, but that hasn't stopped ardent loot shooter fans from eagerly pre-ordering. Recent news seems to indicate that those players should be able to expect a thoroughly completed game.

Now, with over a month left until the initial release date, Borderlands 3 has officially gone gold. In other words, the game has finished development and is ready to be manufactured into discs and sold on digital marketplaces.

This should be good news for fans of the Borderlands series. With Gearbox Software being ready over a month ahead of time, it likely means that the game will be polished and ready for consumers to tackle it. It should also provide a good amount of time for the studio to continue looking for bugs and issues that could be addressed in a day 1 patch, making the game experience smoother for all players.

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Following the initial release, Gearbox will still have its hands full. In addition to any DLC or expansions the game will eventually offer, the developer will be working on bringing cross-platform play to Borderlands 3. This feature could theoretically be finished by end of its timed exclusivity is completed, which would ensure an active and eager player base is ready to join a new PC player's squad of vault hunters.

It's worth noting that some gamers won't be experiencing the title on day 1. Some PC players have chosen to stay away from the game at its initial launch, as the timed exclusive deal with the Epic Games Store will prevent them from buying it on their preferred platform(s). For PC gamers, Borderlands 3 won't release via other digital distribution platforms like Origin or Steam until at least April of 2020.

While Gearbox has been steadily releasing official trailers and sneak-peeks at the game, a recent leak revealed over four hours of gameplay. While the stream has since been taken down, many screenshots have revealed FL4K's skill tree, gun seller Marcus' introduction to the story, and more, helping to whet the appetites of Borderlands fans on the edge of their seats.

Borderlands 3 releases for Xbox One, PS4, and PC via Epic Games on September 13th.

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