Borderlands 3 Offers Two Options for PS4 Pro Players

borderlands 3 ps4 pro enhanced

According to Gearbox, Borderlands 3 will give Playstation 4 Pro owners a few options, including a choice between running the game at a higher resolution or a higher framerate. This should excite fans who decide not to boycott the upcoming game.

The greater power potential of the Playstation 4 Pro excited gamers when the console dropped in November 2016. Many gamers hoped that it would give them a greater control over the way their games look and feel, bringing something closer to a PC settings experience to consoles. Much of the marketing supported this, as Sony showed off the console with Horizon Zero Dawn running in multiple ways.

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Unfortunately, most developers have not delivered the level of options pro owners hoped. Some games offer a choice between 4k resolution and a higher framerate, but most  just bump the resolution and call it good. This has disappointed PS4 Pro owners who would prefer a smoother experience to more pixels.

It looks like Borderlands 3 fans have lucked out. Gearbox announced via the Playstation Blog that the game will allow players to choose between a few different options. First, players will have a choice between running the game at a higher resolution or a higher framerate. The higher resolution setting will run the game at 4K, but cap the framerate at 30 frames per second, or FPS. The higher framerate setting will run the game at 1080p, but raise the framerate cap to 60FPS.

borderlands 3 ps4 pro enhanced

But the options don’t end there. PS4 Pro owners will also get to choose whether to run the game in HDR whether they use the 4K settings or not. If fans don’t have a 4K tv, but choose the higher resolution mode, the console will super-sample the game and provide a more crisp 1080p image.

The addition of HDR should also excite fans. HDR has become pretty standard this generation and even the original PS4 can manage it. From what Gearbox has shown so far, the new game keeps the tradition of a brightly colored, cel-shaded look, and the HDR will make those colors pop even more.

The Borderlands franchise has a reputation for style and choice. The games feature quick-paced gunfights, flashy graphical elements, and an illustrative look. The series also has a history of giving players a lot of options on how to play. Allowing players to choose whether they want to enjoy the bright colored graphics in a higher resolution or with buttery-smooth movement seems in keeping with the franchise’s player-forward approach.

Borderlands 3 launches on September 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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Source: The Playstation Blog

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