Borderlands 3: How to Make Money Fast

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When playing through Borderlands 3’s exciting story mode, players will need as many bullets as possible, and such a huge amount of ammo requires a similar amount of cash. This game requires players to spend money in order to buy ammo, weapons, and more; fortunately, making money in Borderlands 3 is not difficult. This simple guide is all about making quick money in Borderlands 3. Also, Money is the only currency in the game that can be directly transferred to other accounts or players. Other currencies like Eridium, Crystals, etc. can not be directly transferred.

How to Make Money Fast in Borderlands 3

Making money in Borderlands 3 is quite easy, even for newer players. First of all, it’s recommended to pick up as many side-quests as possible to maximize the earnings and the season pass gives players even more opportunities to make money.

Each side quest offers a decent amount of cash as a reward for completing, and most of the side quests are fun to play as well, so it’s a win-win. However, some players may not be too excited about completing every side quest out there; in that case, it’s better to loot items and sell them for quick money.

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Loot Everything to Make Money in Borderlands 3

Looting is a great mechanic in the game which allows players to fill up their inventory slots with different items and then either use the items or sell them for some quick cash. But, looting also requires that the players upgrade their inventory slots to maximize their storage and ultimately maximize their earnings. Players will need to make sure that they kill, destroy, and loot everything that pops up on the map. When looting everything, players are more likely to find rare items that can be sold for some serious money.

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Crack Safes to Make Quick Money in Borderlands 3

Another more straightforward method to make money in Borderlands 3 is to open all the safes available around the world. The number of safes a player can find is random, but each safe is guaranteed to contain money. Borderlands 3 requires players to continually refresh their wallets because the money goes as fast as it comes in this game. There are hundreds of items available in the game, and each item comes with a hefty price tag, so players need to make sure that the income streams are always flowing by completing side-quests or looting, or simply cracking open all the safes around the world.

Borderlands 3 is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Google Stadia version to follow.

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