Borderlands 3 Message Hidden in Gearbox's Battleborn

One of the most exciting developments of this year's Game Developers Conference was when Gearbox Software unveiled a tech demo for Borderlands 3. Beyond showing what the game may look like once it finishes development, official details remain scarce on Borderlands 3, but a message hidden in MOBA/shooter hybrid Battleborn may offer more clues as to what to expect from the long-awaited game.

With the latest content update for Battleborn, Gearbox added new side missions that led players to Varseli Portal anomalies. These anomalies emitted beeps that have turned out to be morse code, decoded by Reddit user whatsmynameagain, and offer a message that is clearly a reference to Borderlands 3.


Those unfamiliar with the Borderlands franchise may be scratching their heads at this strange message, but fans can learn a lot about Borderlands 3, or whatever its name ends up being, from this easter egg hidden in Battleborn. Right off the bat, the message points to players leaving the planet of Pandora, which has been the setting for the first two games in the series, and visiting a new planet named Prometea.

borderlands 3 tech demo

Another interesting tidbit from the message is about Patricia Tannis, a character that has appeared in all of the Borderlands games so far. Tannis was central to the story in the first Borderlands game, and appeared in a reduced role in the sequel and pre-sequel. If this hidden message in Battleborn is any indication, it seems that Tannis is actually a villain of some sort, and that by opening the vaults in the other games, vault hunters have played right into her hands.

The Borderlands 3 message hidden in Battleborn reveals a lot more about the upcoming game than fans may have expected, and it could be a sign that an official announcement is set to come soon. After all, Borderlands 3 has been in development for at least two years, and Gearbox has already shown off a tech demo for it. Perhaps the tech demo and this hidden message in Battleborn are setting the stage for a pre-E3 reveal for the co-op shooter.

And if Borderlands 3 doesn't show up between now and E3, an announcement at E3 2017 itself is likely in the cards. Until then, Gearbox Software fans may want to return to Battleborn to hunt for more clues about Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is in development for unspecified consoles.

Source: Reddit

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