Borderlands 3: How Mayhem Mode Works

borderlands 3 vault hunters mayhem mode

PAX West is currently underway, and many game developers are at the show debuting new information about their upcoming titles. Gearbox Software is there with plenty of info to share, including a brand new mode that shakes up how players tackle end-game content Borderlands 3.

One of the brand new modes coming to the game is Mayhem Mode, which unlocks after players tackle the lengthy campaign. After the credits roll, players will unlock access to Mayhem Mode, which adds modifiers to the game to increase difficulty and increase rewards.

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Mayhem Mode in Borderlands 3 is comparable to other endgame difficulty modes in different titles, like Torment in Diablo 3 as an example. Mayhem Mode will increase enemy health and shields while increasing Eridium and Cash rewards, as well as increasing loot rarity. Perhaps the most interesting part of Mayhem Mode is that it will add random modifiers when players enter an area. There are three tiers of Mayhem Mode, with each level increasing both the difficulty and the rewards. Players looking for a real struggle will want to tackle Mayhem Mode 3, which offers the best rewards and the hardest challenge.

During the PAX West livestream, a handful of Mayhem Mode modifiers were shown off, including Bulletproof, Insulated, and Icehard. Bulletproof gives enemies 15% damage resistance to standard bullets and attacks. Insulated gives enemies 15% fire resistance, while Icehard grants 15% cryo resistance to enemies. The developers did note that the numbers are not final and subject to change.

In a recap blog post, Gearbox provided a couple more interesting modifier examples that will be coming to Mayhem Mode. Savage lets enemies deal more weapon damage, and You're A Wizard reduces player damage from standard weapons, but increases elemental weapon damage. These modifiers will let players take full advantage of the new gun manufacturer perks coming in Borderlands 3.

The modifiers available will be dependent on which Mayhem level players are playing on. For example, Insulated may be available on Mayhem 1, while You're A Wizard might only be available on Mayhem 3. Mayhem Mode will feature more Badass and Anointed enemies, and feature a chance to get Anointed gear, which will buff Vault Hunter Action Skills. These new weapons can help offset the difficulty of Mayhem Mode, and some can even roll with specific Vault Hunter skill boosts. It's clear that Gearbox is giving players plenty to do after their first playthrough, so hopefully these new features will help make the game one that players will play for years after launch.

Borderlands 3 launches September 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Source: Gearbox Software

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