Borderlands 3 Fans Mock Maliwan's Guns with Memes

borderlands 3 maliwan guns

Borderlands 3 features over 1 billion guns, and while some are certainly better than others, fans of the game can likely find use for many of them throughout their adventure. Like past Borderlands games, the guns in Borderlands 3 come from different manufacturers, so they all have their own unique quirks that set them apart from one another. None of the Borderlands 3 weapon manufacturers seem to be getting a strong reaction from the community, with the exception of Maliwan, whose guns have been mocked and seem to be considered the worst that players can get in the game.

On social media and Reddit, Borderlands 3 fans have been creating memes mocking Maliwan's guns, with the main complaint seeming to be how players have to charge the weapons to fire them. Some have noted that there was a similar reaction to Hyperion's weapons in Borderlands 2, which is interesting since Hyperion was antagonistic in that game whereas Borderlands 3 players are in conflict with Maliwan throughout BL3.

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While Maliwan guns in general are being mocked by Borderlands 3 fans, that doesn't mean that there aren't some quality Maliwan weapons out there. There are also some Maliwan guns that are some of the more interesting, Borderlands 3 easter egg weapons that players can find in the game.

For example, Borderlands 3 has a Super Mario-themed gun that is manufactured by Maliwan. The gun is called the Compressing Superball, and it's a legendary-tier weapon that shoots fireballs at enemies.

Additionally, Gearbox Software created a special Maliwan-manufactured legendary gun in Borderlands 3 to honor a terminally ill Borderlands fan named Trevor Eastman. The gun is called the Compressing Trevonator, and it was even named by Eastman. Between the Compressing Trevonator and the Compressing Superball, there are still some great legendary Maliwan weapons in Borderlands 3 that fans can collect.

Of course, it's worth pointing out that not all Borderlands 3 players even agree with the assessment that the Maliwan weapons in the game are especially bad, so fans should keep that in mind as well. For those unsure if they should use Maliwan weapons or not, we recommend players experiment with as many Borderlands 3 guns as possible so that they can figure out which weapons they have the most fun using.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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