Borderlands 3: Where is the Mailbox

borderlands 3 mailbox

The Borderlands 3 release date has finally arrived, and players are now busy determining the best BL3 character class and shooting their way through Pandora and beyond. As these players progress through Gearbox Software's highly anticipated new game, they will occasionally receive mail, some of which contains exciting weapons and items. This may lead some to wonder exactly where to find the mailbox in Borderlands 3, and shining light on this matter is exactly the purpose of this guide.

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Where is the Borderlands 3 Mailbox

In order to access the Borderlands 3 mailbox, players simply need to navigate to the Social tab, which is located within the Main Menu. Once a fan has reached the Social tab, they must select the icon depicting a envelope, which will immediately give them access to their BL3 mailbox.

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While finding the mailbox in BL3 is quite simple, there is something additional for players to be mindful of before they start taking items. Specifically, some players have indicated that claiming an item from the Borderlands 3 mailbox while their Vault Hunter's inventory is full can result in losing the item completely. While BL3 does have a system for recovering lost loot, some players are suggesting that this is not a reliable approach for collecting missing items claimed from the Borderlands 3 mailbox.

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Players are thus advised to be certain that they have space in their inventories before they attempt to retrieve an item from their BL3 mailbox. Indeed, the game's various weapon manufacturers are keen on sending desirable items to new Vault Hunters, and players will not want to miss out on a Borderlands 3 legendary gun simply because they did not have adequate space in their inventories when they attempted to retrieve it.

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Certainly, the mail in Borderlands 3 is far from the only way to obtain exciting weapons and items in this new looter shooter. Beyond simply playing the game, players can use Borderlands 3 VIP codes to purchase Golden Keys, which will give them access to powerful gear in game. That said, with details on how to find the BL3 mailbox, and a little inventory management, players should have little trouble adding the loot that is mailed to them to their arsenals.

Borderlands 3 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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