Borderlands 3 Nerfing Loot Drops Before Fixing Major Issues Isn't A Good Look

borderlands 3 nerfing loot before fixing issues

Borderlands 3 is buggy. In our experience with the game, we have encountered all sorts of issues, ranging from minor inconveniences to game-breaking bugs that have forced us to reset. The game is also missing some features that fans expected to be in at launch, and the missing options combined with the bugs have gone a long way in hurting what is otherwise a fun looter-shooter. Today Gearbox released a hot fix for Borderlands 3 that, instead of addressing the game's major issues, nerfed loot drops in Mayhem mode and other areas of the game instead.

A hot fix for a video game is never intended to be an all-encompassing fix, but it's still not a good look for Gearbox to nerf the loot drops in Borderlands 3 before addressing the game's more pressing issues. Over on the Gearbox forums, people have expressed annoyance at the hot fix, as some feel that Gearbox is focusing its attention on the wrong things, like nerfing loot drops to prevent players from farming for better gear.

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Borderlands 3 loot farming tactics don't necessarily need to be addressed at all, let alone in the first update to the game since launch. While loot farming may "break" the game, Borderlands 3 isn't a competitive multiplayer game or a live service game stuffed with microtransactions that would stand to make less money if people are able to farm for better loot, so it's a bit puzzling that nerfing loot drops seems to have been a priority for the studio.

borderlands 3 reveal trailer loot

There are simply much bigger fish to fry when it comes to Borderlands 3, and some fans are understandably annoyed that Gearbox has decided to focus on nerfing loot drops before fixing the game's more glaring issues. Many of these issues seem to plague the console versions of Borderlands 3 specifically, as PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game seem to be running into more problems than their PC counterpart.

One of the most notable examples of problems with the console versions of Borderlands 3 is the split-screen lag. When playing Borderlands 3 in split-screen, players will experience insufferable lag if one person decides they need to open their menu. And in a game like Borderlands 3 where players are constantly getting loot, people have to open their inventory semi-frequently. Split-screen lag isn't addressed at all with the hot fix, which is disappointing as it appears Borderlands 3 players will have to go through another weekend having to deal with poor performance when playing in couch co-op.

Speaking of split-screen, some fans were hoping that Borderlands 3 would add vertical split-screen with its first update, but that's not the case. For one reason or another, Borderlands 3 lacks a vertical split-screen option, which is strange as previous Borderlands games let players use vertical split-screen if they so desired. The lack of vertical split-screen in Borderlands 3 is one of the more disappointing missing quality of life features, as is the inability to adjust text size - which is absurdly small, especially in split-screen.

borderlands 3 split-screen screenshot

Beyond split-screen issues, Borderlands 3 has a laundry list of other technical problems. Players have run into issues like important quest NPCs walking through objects and becoming inaccessible, loot pictures and descriptions not matching what the player is actually looking at in their inventory, and more. Not to mention Borderlands 3 seems to have an issue with crashing as well, which is also not addressed with the hot fix.

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One problem that may be especially serious with Borderlands 3 are the reports that the game is causing Xbox One X consoles to overheat. Now, we must stress that these reports are based on anecdotal evidence, but there have been enough people bringing it up that it seems to be a genuine issue. Unfortunately, Gearbox hasn't acknowledged the supposed Borderlands 3 Xbox One X overheating issue, so it's unclear if it's even something that can be fixed by an update, or is actually being caused by something other than the game.

Borderlands 3

Of course, something that should be noted is that this is a hot fix for Borderlands 3, not a full-blown patch or update. Presumably, Gearbox is working on the game's bigger issues, but fixing those problems likely takes more time than quickly fixing the issues outlined in the Borderlands 3 hot fix notes. Even so, it seems like it would have been a better idea to hold off on nerfing loot drops and the like until it also had a more substantial patch ready to fix the problems that fans have been complaining about since launch.

Future updates for Borderlands 3 may be more substantial than today's hot fix and could go a long way in fixing the game's major issues. For now, though, Borderlands 3 players will continue to have to deal with bugs and other technical problems, and get less loot for their efforts.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version in development.

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