Borderlands 3: What Is the Level Cap?

With Borderlands 3 launching in less than a month, certain gameplay details are in high demand. One example is Borderlands 3's level cap. Despite the level cap being revealed at E3 2019, it likely slipped past a good portion of the game's fanbase. Luckily that information is widely available now, so Vault Hunters can look forward to climbing up to the Borderlands 3 launch level cap of 50. And further, they can look forward to Borderlands 3's new post-cap Guardian Ranks, as well.

Borderlands 3 progression will work much like the Borderlands games that precede it. Players will earn experience by taking on and complete quests, as well as by mowing down villains. The game's story campaign will take players through leveling naturally, encouraging but not forcing players to reach Borderlands 3's cap of 50. After reaching the cap, Vault Hunters will still have plenty of endgame content to enjoy.

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It starts with Guardian Ranks. Guardian Ranks are unlocked after the player finishes Borderlands 3's story. It's assumed that this endgame progression system is tied to the story rather than the level cap because it will still be used as the level cap is raised with the release of new expansions. An early screenshot shows that Guardian Tokens can be used to increase Bonus Stats, or can be invested into three Guardian Rewards trees. The trees are named Enforcer, Survivor, and Hunter. Gearbox has remained quiet about Guardian Ranks otherwise, and the system may have even changed significantly (or been canceled) since its reveal.

Borderlands 3 players will have a variety of other endgame activities to participate in, as well as other forms of progression. There will be both a post-campaign horde mode named Circle of Slaughter and optional Eridian missions in Borderlands 3's endgame. Players will be able to progress, obviously, through earning better gear. Reaching level 50 is the easy part. Earning the game's best gear will be an incredible challenge.

borderlands 3 pre-E3 guardian ranks screenshot

While Borderlands 3's launch is quickly approaching, there's still plenty left for Gearbox to talk about if it chooses to do so. The Guardian Ranks system is especially intriguing, but the lack of information available perhaps implies a level of necessary secrecy. Gearbox doesn't want to spoil all of Borderlands 3's secrets and Easter eggs. It'll be all the more exciting for players to discover and explore these systems naturally.

Borderlands 3 releases September 13 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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