Borderlands 3: Legendary Gun Farm for Fast Weapons

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The Borderlands franchise has always prided itself on the incredible amount of loot that it throws at players, and Borderlands 3 takes that to the next level. The game features countless guns for players to chase after, from guns with legs to weapons with crazy underbarrel attachments. Borderlands 3 players are always on the hunt for more legendary guns that feature powerful effects, and a new exploit has been found that will allow players to farm a lot of legendary guns very quickly - provided they have already beaten the game.

To get started, players will want to load into Sanctuary 3 and start up the new Mayhem Mode in Borderlands 3. Ideally if players are powerful enough, they will do this on Mayhem Level 3 which will boost the loot quality by 500% - though it will increase enemy difficulty as well. Once Mayhem mode is on, players will want to head to Athenas and seek out Chupacabratch, one of Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt targets. This enemy spawns near the graveyard in the central part of Athenas, and the enemy itself is pretty hard to miss.

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What makes Chupacabratch special is that he for some reason has a very high legendary drop chance compared to most enemies, but whether this is intended or simply a glitch is currently unknown. Players can typically get 1-3 legendaries per run, and thankfully there is a respawn beacon right near Chupacabratch's spawn point, so players can quickly save and quit to reset him without having to walk too far when they spawn back in. While this method may not produce source-specific legendary guns, like the powerful One Punch Man shotgun, there are many legendary weapons worth farming, and until this method is patched it may be the easiest way to do so.

This spot is a great place to farm legendaries, as it is pretty reliable and easy to get to.While it requires a bit more effort than using the gun that shoots loot, the legendaries seem much easier to come by in this method. Players should definitely take full advantage of this exploit before Gearbox nerfs the loot farm.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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