Borderlands 3: How to Use Weapon Skins

Customization has always been an important part of the Borderlands series, an element that can clearly be seen through the use of skill trees for each of the four character classes. Borderlands 2 added in the quick change station as a way to customize the look of the players' character through skins and heads. However, Borderlands 3 takes things a step further than its predecessors by not only bringing back the quick change station, but also adding in different weapon skins that can be applied as well.

Pre-order and VIP players likely received at least a few customization options upon booting up the game for the first time including the Toy Box and Neon Cosmetic Packs. Unfortunately, Borderlands 3 doesn't spend much time explaining this new system to the player, so it's more than likely that players may not even realize changing the look of the weapon is possible.

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How to Change Skins

From the BL3 pause menu, players will need to go to their Inventory, highlight the weapon they want, and then select the Inspect option from the menu. The button combination is different based on the platform that the game is running on with "E" being the inspect button for PC players and Up on the D-Pad for console gamers.

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On the Inspect screen, the chosen weapon will appear in the Item View which will show the gun in more detail as well as feature all of its stats. Towards the bottom right of the screen, players will see the option to change the weapon's skin, which will then bring up a new window. All currently unlocked BL3 weapon skins will be available and can be highlighted to preview what the gun will look like. More options can be found simply by playing the game or using eridium to purchase new options from Crazy Earl.

Outside of weapon skins, players will have a nearly endless ways to make their vault hunter their own. Trinkets can also be applied to weapons, giving them a little charm that dangles off the side similar to what players can do in Rainbow Six Siege. Any unlocked character skins can also be further modified by changing the color or them, with many options having three color patterns that can be swapped. Gearbox has even promised that players will be able to find and purchase special and animated skins as well, which the company hasn't done in any of the previous games.

Borderlands 3 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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