Borderlands 3: How to Get Eridium

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Nearly seven years after Borderlands 2 launched, Gearbox Software has finally returned to its popular looter shooter franchise. Borderlands 3 may not reinvent the wheel, but it manages to retain a lot of what fans want in the shooter from its iconic art style, massive piles of loot, and humorous writing. The game also retains multiple currencies from past games in the series from normal cash to the more rare resource known as Eridium.

As longtime fans may remember, Eridium is a purple looking rock that can be spent on special items at certain vendors. In Borderlands 3, players can spend any they find at Crazy Earl's door in Sanctuary. The reclusive and agitated merchant sells all sorts of cosmetic items like character skins, heads, and room decorations. Alternatively, Crazy Earl has a vending machine right outside his door that typically features a deal of the day weapon. The weapons themselves are a bit of a hit or miss item, though it's always worth checking out as sometimes the offered weapon is very strong.

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The game also features a weapon that shoots out new loot, as seen in one of the initial trailers for the game. This is an end game weapon and uses a little bit of Eridium as ammunition. Still, with all these ways to spent the resource, how does one get it?

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How to Get Eridium

While players may come across this resource while exploring, but it can't be collected until a specific moment during the campaign. Once the first vault at Chapter 10 is completed, players will unlock a special artifact that basically lets them melee Eridium crystals found in the world.

Outside of harvesting Eridium in the wild, players can also complete challenges listed in the map tab. Finishing a challenge can reward players with a little bit of Eridium, cash, and XP. Players also have a chance at it by defeating Anointed enemies as well.

How to Quickly Farm Eridium

Leaving a zone often results in Borderlands 3 respawning enemies, which also includes powerful ones. These enemy types have a greater chance at dropping money and Eridium, so players could easily reload zones to continually farm these encounters.

The most efficient method to farm Eridium, however, is one that most players will likely miss. After beating the boss of the game's first vault and unlocking the Eridium artifact, players should not progress the Beneath the Meridian mission any further. Instead, save and quit, then restart the game. The game will load the player back at the last checkpoint, but the boss will stay defeated. The treasure and loot, including Eridium, will have been respawned so players are free to run in and continually farm gear and Eridium from the chests.

Keep in mind that as soon as the mission advances, this trick will no longer be available. Not only that, it's highly likely that Gearbox will likely correct this in a future patch at some point, as it trends dangerously close to a loot cave type of event that Bungie famously dealt with in the first Destiny.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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