Borderlands 3: How to Get the Gun That Shoots Loot

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Now that Borderlands 3 is here, reviving the series after lying dormant for years, the race is on for players to find the weirdest, wildest, and wackiest firearms the game has to offer. And considering Borderlands 3 has a gun with legs, that bar is incredibly high.

Yet perhaps the one that truly encapsulates the series’ obsession with guns galore, the quintessential Borderlands gun, is one that Gearbox has been hyping for months. It is a gun that shoots more guns instead of bullets, creating a near endless stream of firearms on demand in Borderlands 3. Fans have known it as the “gun gun,” but now that BL3 is out, it’s been revealed that its name is actually “Eridian Fabricator.” Not only that, but players now know how they can get their hands on it.

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The process is pretty straightforward. Players actually can’t miss getting the “gun gun” (the game makes it clear that’s still a valid name), because it’s given to them during one of Borderlands 3’s main story missions. The trade-off here is that the mission takes place late in the campaign, which can take dozens of hours to complete on average, so players are going to have to be patient.

Without going into plot specifics, players will find the Eridian Fabricator in the possession of a short and squat traveler who offers to shoot out some guns for them in exchange for one piece of Eridium. Do this, and the traveler will ask them to accompany him on a series of challenges involving defending a few areas and gathering a few items. Once all of this is done, he will reward players by giving them the gun, and the best part is that the whole thing, from meeting him to getting the gun, should only take players around 5-10 minutes to complete.


Using the Eridian Fabricator is a simple affair, but it does come at a bit of a cost. As the name implies, it uses BL3's Eridium instead of regular ammunition, consuming up to ten pieces per shot. In exchange, though, each shot fires out ten whole guns. With enough Eridian, players can practically cover the ground with guns in under a minute.

All of the guns the Eridian Fabricator produces will be at least Uncommon in rarity, and according to Gearbox, there’s a chance of Legendary weapons being shot out as well, though players who managed to get the game and unlock the gun early have noted that the odds seem to be very small.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a  Google Stadia version is also in the works.

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