This Borderlands 3 Glitch is the Fastest Way to Farm Legendaries

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Recently, players discovered a Borderlands 3 glitch that allowed them to permanently freeze a Loot Tink and endlessly shoot its backpack for fast and easy legendary gear. However, this Borderlands 3 Loot Tink glitch was very difficult to execute, and some players suggested that it took them hundreds of attempts to pull it off. Fortunately, industrious fans have found an entirely new way to leave a Loot Tink frozen in BL3, and it is infinitely easier to put into action.

To note, this Borderlands 3 exploit requires the use of Amara the Siren. While having access to this Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter will preclude many players from being able to immediately enact the glitch, the sheer number of BL3 legendaries that fans can farm using this method may actually make leveling up a Siren worth it. That said, it is likely that Gearbox Software will patch this Borderlands 3 glitch in short order, and players are thus advised to act on it quickly.

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With that established, this BL3 exploit revolves around Amara's Phasegrasp ability, which holds an enemy in place for a short duration. This action skill can be used on a Hoarder Tink to freeze it indefinitely, and then players can continually shoot its backpack, taking care not to kill it, to farm legendaries fast in Borderlands 3.

All a player needs to do to setup this BL3 exploit is follow a Hoarder Tink until it begins to dig. Once it begins the digging animation, players should shoot the Tink to stun it and then quickly hit it with Phasegrasp. When this ability wears off, players should find that the Hoarder Tink is stuck in place, and they can then proceed to farm the best Borderlands 3 legendaries until their heart's content.

With respect to where to find a good Hoarder Tink to target with this BL3 glitch, players can head to Jakobs Estate on Eden-6 in Borderlands 3. While the nearby Servant's Lift area is a common spot for Loot Tink farming, fans should instead make their way west. At the edge of the map, a Hoarder Tink has the potential to spawn, and players can continually reload the area until one appears, playing offline to increase their chances.

A benefits of this location is that only one other enemy spawns nearby, making it one of the best farming spots in Borderlands 3 at this time. Players that wish to make use of it, but may not have an appropriately leveled Siren, should be sure to reference a guide to the best Amara builds in Borderlands 3 in order to reach the endgame before the developer patches the exploit.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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