Borderlands 3: How to Get Cosmetics and Free Rewards

Borderlands 3 is the much anticipated action RPG FPS from Gearbox Software. The latest in the Borderland series, this game promises to introduce new characters and more interesting weapons with the same style and flair as the previous games. The only thing Gearbox seems to like more than making more games in the weird and wonderful world of Borderlands is giving out free stuff to their players. This guide will help players to dive into Borderlands 3 launch day with a hefty backlog of points and gold keys to make sure that they can get pretty much any cosmetic gear they please.

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Getting Golden Keys and Points

For the most part, players will need to get Borderlands 3 E-Mail codes, Shift codes, or Vault Codes to stack up on golden keys and points. It's a good thing that Gearbox has been giving these codes out like candy for just about everything players have been doing. Codes and points are available if:

1. Players take a pre-order survey if they pre-ordered.

2. Link a Twitch Account or a 2K Account.

3. Take a VIP Season 1 survey.

4. Watch official Borderlands videos.

5. Follow Borderlands and Gearbox on social media.

6. Input the dozens of codes that are free floating around the internet right now.

7. Subscribe to the Shift Newsletter.

So if players are Borderlands fans, they've probably already been doing everything they need to earn points!

Spending Points on Cosmetics

After collecting all those points, it's time to spend them! Here's a link to the store; players will need a Shift Login to be able to earn and spend points.  In Borderlands 2, players were able to trade 1,500 VIP Points for golden keys to get random rewards. Hopefully, this will still be the case with 3. If not, players still have loads to choose from like skins, heads, guns, and other cosmetics.

Borderlands 3 store

Players should ensure that when they sign up for Shift that they attach their console or computer login of choice to their account. Without a link to the proper system, rewards cannot be collected in-game. Once logged in, signing up for the newsletter, linking accounts, and many more tasks will now be available. So click around and, as the site says, "get rewarded for being a Borderlands fan."

This link connects directly to the Rewards page where players can trade points for cool stuff. While there, give the free, one-time reward wheel a spin and grab a sweet gun or other perk. The first spin is completely free!

Select Borderlands 3 under the list of available games and check out the list of sweet rewards available for points!

Borderlands 3 will be available September 13th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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