Borderlands 3: Where to Find the Game of Thrones Easter Egg

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Borderlands 3 is out now, and players are excited about everything the game has to offer including the action-packed gameplay and an exciting story. However, the real fans of the series know that Borderlands adds extra goodies to the game to make it more appealing for the players; these are easter eggs that tie into different pop-culture figures and icons.

Borderlands 3 is filled to the brim with easter eggs and one of these ties into the popular HBO Adaptation of G.R.R Martin’s Game of Thrones series. Fans of the popular TV show are already familiar with the Mother of Dragons, and it's about time players get the opportunity to fight the Dragon Queen along with her three dragons.

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When players travel down to the sewers in Eden-6, they will have the chance to fight the Mother of Grogans - The Uncorroded, Queen of the Sewer Kingdom. However, she will be accompanied by her three dragon-like Rakks that will fly around spitting fire at everything.

This is not the first time Borderlands has referenced Game of Thrones; Borderlands 2 had a similar easter egg where players were able to fight a dire-skag named Ghost which is a direct hint at Jon Snow’s direwolf from the TV show. For those who are excited about the Game of Thrones eater egg in Borderlands 3, here's a simple guide to finding it.

How to Find the Game of Thrones Easter Egg

This specific easter egg can be found on Eden-6 where players will have to go into the sewers to encounter the Mother of Grogans. To find this area, players need to go to the planet and head to a section called The Anvil, which is available on the map. Finally, head over to the room at the very end of the sewers called the West of Gross an obvious hint at Westeros. There’s a chest in the middle of the room, and once the players open the chest, Queen Daenerys’ Impostor comes out the door in the back of the room and unleashes her fire-breathing Rakks upon the players.

It’s also possible that she may not come out at all because opening the chest does not guarantee an encounter with the queen; however, players can always come back to the area to see if she spawns or not. Also, this particular easter egg is not tied to any quests at all; instead, it’s merely there for fun, so don’t expect any legendary drops or weapons. Although, players who want to make quick money in Borderlands 3 should pick up the loot regardless of the rarity.

Borderlands 3 is out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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