Borderlands 3: The 10 Biggest Fixes The Game Needs

So, since its release in mid-September, we've put a fair amount of time into Borderlands 3. In fact, checking now, oh no, we've put 120 hours into the game so far. It's only been out for like a month. Wow, we have a problem. So it's safe to say, we've seen a fair bit of the game.

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Our galaxy and zone maps are at 100%, all of the crew challenges are completed, and our Vault Hunter is fully decked out. But, why all the humble bragging? Because we wanted people to know that it comes from a place of love when we say Borderlands 3 is a mess. Technically, at least. But, we're getting ahead of ourselves, let's take our time complaining about the biggest fixes this Looter Shooter needs so far.

10 Give Us Those Bugged Nog Heads!

Okay so get this, there's a specific head for each character that players literally can't unlock. Its bugged, and there's no mod or exploit to unlock it. Apparently, it's the reward from the NOG grenade side quest on Pandora. Believe us, we've done the research. Sure this is small, but for completionists like ourselves, that 23 out of 24 is a constant nail on the chalkboard that is our brain. Plus, cosmetics in this game are crazy annoying to grind. We would've thought in the 7 years since Borderlands 2, they didn't figure out that players hate getting cosmetics they've already unlocked.

9 Fix All Of The Broken Skills, Not Just One Or Two

Okay, this is actually pretty funny, but at the time of writing this, Gearbox has literally just released a hotfix that fixes Amara's Alacrity skill. This was straight-up broken previously. But, all of the other reported issues are still there.

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Hollow Point still downs the player as much as it does enemies, half of Zane's skills don't work as described, and Amara's Mystical Assault tree is a buggy and broken mess! To us, it seems like Gearbox pushed the game out without a final testing phase or something. It's the only explanation that makes sense.

8 Make The Vault Hunters Play How They Were Advertised

Here's the thing, all the new Vault Hunters are a blast to play in their own right. Amara is a ton of fun for Elemental damage, FL4K crits enemies just by looking at them, Moze has incredibly deep grenade pockets, and Zane can potentially freeze every enemy on the map. But, none of them succeed at what they were advertised as. FL4K's worst builds focus around his beasts, while his best ignore them. Moze's Iron Bear is next to useless in the late game. Zane's more focused on his Barrier than any of his other Action Skills. And Amara is a punch Siren with barely any punch-related Action Skills! Sure this is an opinion-based fixed, but why advertise these VH's gimmicks and personalities if they're gonna play radically differently?

7 Optimize This Broken Yet Fun Game

Out of all our complaints on the list, this is the most offensive to us. How can it be that a AAA game in 2019, backed by Gearbox, paid for by the Epic Games Store, and published by 2K, came out so unoptimized and broken? The game runs awfully!

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And, none of the Graphics Settings seem to make much difference. The image above is at a modded extra low fidelity, and there are still micro stutters! No matter the build, players are reporting micro-stutters, frame drops, and overall crashes since minute one. And, none of this has been fixed yet! Not just on PC either, consoles have these issues as well.

6 Put Those Hidden Graphical Options In The Actual Settings Menu

And that's not all! Gearbox also decided to hide some incredibly important graphical settings within the GameUserSettings.ini file. These can easily be reached and edited by anyone with notepad and a guide. And, it helps a ton with players trying to make the game playable. Basically, there are a number of options in this .ini file that aren't there in the graphics menu in-game. For us personally, changing the EffectsQuality to 1 made a big difference. But, other players might need to fiddle with these variables some more to find their own best results. Still, it's inexcusable to make players edit their visual settings this way, especially since console players can't even try.

5 Turning Down That Gearbox Logo

Alright so, without a doubt, this will be our pettiest complaint. Borderlands 3 has some unskippable intro movies that play on every .exe launch. These are standard logo clips like an AMD one, a 2K one, and the horrifying Gearbox one. Basically, this Gearbox logo is mind-bogglingly loud. It scares most players every time they open their games, so much so they modded these videos out. It's just so much louder than anything else in the game! Audio mixing can be tedious, sure, but this wasn't exactly subtle. Gearbox simply just needs to turn down the volume here or make these videos skippable. Otherwise, we might just lose our hearing if we have to listen to that guitar riff one more time.

4 Let Us Skip Cutscenes And Other Dreadfully Slow Parts

How in Lillith's name did they not make cutscenes skippable?! This is a game built for replayability. Player's want to replay the story on Normal, Hard, Cooperation, Coopetition, True Vault Hunter, and even on Mayhem Mode.

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They want to level up multiple Vault Hunters, make entirely new versions of characters for different builds, and even make mules for holding items. So why oh why aren't cutscenes skippable? Why are we forced to wait for characters to hold out their hands for items? Why do we have to re-unlock gun, artifact, and class mods slots on each character? It just seems like a massive disservice to the die-hard fans.

3 Fix The Buggy AI For NPCs

So we already hated Ava, but now we have an excuse. She's an unlikable brat who blames Lillith for her own gigantic mistake. But, to add insult to injury, Ava is also one of the most broken NPC's in the game. During her introduction mission, we saw her stuck running infinitely on the stairs, she'd repeat lines over and over, and she would wait until we were within an inch of her face before continuing towards her objective. It just felt old school, like Xbox 360 levels of old school. But this isn't specific to Ava, many of the NPC characters players interact with throughout the story have a tendency to get stuck on things or break entirely. It's never anything truly game-breaking, but it is a constant annoyance.

2 Add Tons More Bank Space

All, and we mean all of the advertising for Borderlands 3 was centered around the loot. The first E3 trailer hinted at there being over a billion guns in the game after all! There are more cosmetics than ever, more potential builds than the previous games combined, and over 300+ Legendary weapons, artifacts, class mods, grenades, and shields! So who had the brilliant idea to keep the max bank size at 50 items? Why would Gearbox limit players so harshly for collecting all the items they worked so passionately on? Why even make a Bank Limit? If Gearbox is fine with fans modding and hacking the game since its a mostly PvE experience, why would they even include this limitation? It just seems weird.

1 Figure Out More Uses for Eridium And Cash

And finally, more so than any of the previous games, money becomes useless quite quickly in BL3. Eridium has a bit more use than before, but still, there should be more players can do with it. Basically, once a Vault Hunter has maxed out all their SDU's, money is of no concern, there's nothing else to spend it on. Eridium is pretty similar, once players nab all the heads and skins, they'll have little incentive to collect more purple alien rocks. Sure, they can nab all the weapon trinkets, but who'd want to waste Eridium on that? Basically Gearbox just needs to implement more items we can spend our money and Eridium on, or at least make some sort of high-roller slot machine.

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