Borderlands 3 Has Funny Easter Egg if Players Do 69 Damage

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Borderlands 3 is chock-full of various Easter eggs, both big and small. There are various BL3 weapon Easter eggs including the Lord of the Rings shotgun and the Super Mario pistol, and there are a few locations that are Easter eggs themselves. Perhaps one of the hardest to notice — and potentially even the funniest due to its design — happens when a character deals 69 damage.

Whenever a Borderlands 3 character deals 69 damage, there is a faint chuckle in the background. The thing about this chuckle is that it is so faint that headphones or an increased volume on a TV or monitor is required to hear it, making it even funnier. Notably, it also seems to be only coming from the right audio speaker, as if Gearbox intended to keep it hidden.

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The first to discover this BL3 69 damage Easter egg was Redditor Brunky89890 after an air melee attack. It seems like something that, while many had dealt 69 damage, may have gone unnoticed due to a chuckling themselves. Either way, the fact that it exists, the faintness of the chuckle, and how hidden it seems to be all go into making this an incredibly funny Easter egg.

Of course, while most Easter eggs often just add a "cool" factor to whatever it is attached too, this 69 chuckle isn't the only funny Easter egg in Borderlands 3. Sometimes, when Flak the Beastmaster lets loose his "Rakk Attack" ability, they'll say, "Pocket Sand!" This is a direct Easter egg to King of the Hill's Dale Grible's "Pocket Sand" line that he uses in one episode while attempting to steal a briefcase.

This crude humor and bountiful Easter egg approach of Borderlands 3 isn't something that will seemingly go away any time soon. With its upcoming Bloody Harvest DLC, BL3 will likely keep it up, so it'll be interesting to see what type of Halloween-related shenanigans developer Gearbox Software can come up with.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Reddit

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