Borderlands 3 Has a Funny Destiny Easter Egg

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Prior to its delay into October, many fans were anticipating a showdown between Borderlands 3 and Destiny 2: Shadowkeep. Although the Borderlands series came long before the original Destiny first launched, both games are not only part of massive franchises and player bases but they two games that are often compared due to the fact that they're both seen as genre leaders in the shooter looter space. Even though fans are no longer getting that head to head showdown, players have discovered another interesting Easter egg in BL 3 that gives a nod to its shooter rival.

The Easter egg in question isn't accessible until Chapter 9 in the main Borderlands 3 campaign, when the planet Promethea first unlocks for players and they've started the Space-Laser Tag quest. Check the bounty board in Sanctuary and look for a rare side mission called Kill Dinklebot. Once accepted, head to the north eastern corner of Skywell-27 to find what appears to be a floating orb, that can summon other floating orbs called Overspheres.

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Dinklebot is a reference to the original Ghost companion voice actor, Peter Dinklage. The delivery and lack of emotion on many of his lines caused fans to affectionately name the small floating companion Dinklebot, which gave the community more than their fair share of memes. When the first major expansion, The Taken King, launched, Dinklage's voice was completely replaced by Nolan North, who remains with the franchise to this day as the character, Ghost.

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Keep fighting this unique Borderlands 3 enemy and it'll eventually drop an item called a Loot-O-Gram, another tip of the cap to Destiny's own Engram loot rewards. Take the item back to Crazy Earl on Sanctuary to end the mission and score a random weapon, though more often than not the weapon earned will be a common, white weapon. Whether or not this is intentional by Gearbox, many players are likening this to the Destiny Cryptarch known as Master Rahool. Before getting patched, many Destiny players would remark at how stingy his rewards were, often giving players worse tier weapons than expected. He not only became an internet meme but players tried to circumvent when they discovered the accidental existence of a loot cave, which Bungie quickly patched out.

As expected, this is just one of many hidden Easter eggs inside of Borderlands 3. Nothing is safe from Gearbox Software as players have already discovered references to everything from TV shows like King of the Hill and Rick and Morty, to movies like The Lord of the Rings. Surprisingly, Borderlands 3 even takes a shot at the Battle Royale genre, even though it had a recent crossover with Fortnite, in a unique side quest for Moxxi in Lectra City, that leads to a very tough boss battle. In every one of their games, Gearbox has never shied away from referencing or skewering other media in their games and the same rings true in this latest game.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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