Borderlands 3: How to Get Free In-Game Loot via Twitch


Today, Gearbox Software announced when fans should expect to be able to get their first look at Borderlands 3's gameplay by unveiling the date and time that it intends to show off playable assets of the forthcoming first-person shooter. In addition to the gameplay reveal, there will be "hundreds" of streamers playing Borderlands 3 across Twitch, with their channels giving fans the chance to earn some in-game loot before the sequel arrives later this year.

According to Gearbox Software, it will be debuting the official Borderlands 3 ECHOcast Twitch extension as part of the gameplay reveal experience, and to get started earning any in-game loot, players will have to link their Twitch and SHiFT accounts while using the extension. Linking one's SHiFT and Twitch accounts isn't required to make use of the ECHOcast extension as a viewer during Borderlands 3's gameplay reveal experience, but those who don't will not be able to participate in the Rare Chest Events, which is how one will be able to get loot.

How to Enable Borderlands 3's ECHOcast Twitch Extension

Before being able to start building one's in-game arsenal with free loot, the ECHOcast Twitch extension must be enabled. In order to enable the extension when joining a stream, one will need to click on the small Vault symbol at the bottom of Twitch’s video player. Once the ECHOcast toggle button appears on the left-hand side of the video player, one can expand the menu and start their gameplay reveal experience by exploring a streamer's Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter profile, inventory, and skill tree.

How to Get Borderlands 3 Loot Through a Twitch Stream

Once a streamer opens a rare chest, which is typically guarded by some of Borderlands 3's more powerful villains and enemies, viewers will only have 30 seconds to opt into the event. The extension will notify a viewer if they've won, and will let them choose which of the items from the chest they would like to receive. It must be noted, though, that any of the loot that is received through this method will automatically scale to their Borderlands 3 character's level when players retrieve it from their in-game mailbox once the game is released.

All things considered, Gearbox's creation of Borderlands 3's ECHOcast Twitch extension should be a smart way to ensure that plenty of viewers tune in to watch the first-person shooter sequel's gameplay reveal later this week. Until then, it's safe to presume many fans of the franchise will continue to pore through Borderlands 3's art for more secrets in anticipation of the event.

Borderlands 3 is scheduled to release on September 13, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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