Borderlands 3: Best Builds for Flak the Beastmaster

Now that Borderlands 3 has been released to the wild, Vault Hunters everywhere are exploring all that that Borderlands has to offer. So far, Borderlands 3 reviews have been mostly positive, though it has had some technical issues. However, players are forced to make the hardest decision first: deciding which character to play. Not only that, but players then have to decide which build to run with for that character. Luckily for those that choose Flak The Beastmaster, there are quite a few viable options.

Flak is one of the better characters for solo play, so those that intend to hunt for vaults by themselves may want to consider running with the Beastmaster. Plus, the character has some of the better voice lines in the game, making them pretty entertaining to play as while questing. Both builds take quite the time investment to complete, so it may be worth looking into how to level up fast in Borderlands 3.

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Master/ Stalker Build

flak with skag

Flak's abilities largely revolve around their beasts, and it's important to use them effectively to progress further in the game. Because of this, it's a wise decision to invest in the Master skill tree early on.  The Master tree is mostly dedicated to buffing Fl4k's pets, making them more effective killing machines and distraction devices.

This is incredibly important while soloing bosses, as it can take some heat off of Flak, which is a massive help to survivability. Players will also want to invest in the Stalker tree, as it helps with health regeneration and buffing the Eridian Skag, which players should have equipped for this build. By the endgame, it should look something like this:


Ferocity - 5/5

Persistence Hunter - 3/3

Go for the Eyes! - 5/5

Who Rescued Who? - 5/5

He Bites! - 3/3

Frenzy - 5/5

Psycho Head on a Stick - 1/1

Mutated Defenses - 1/1

Pack Tactics - 3/3

Dominance - 1/1


Self-Repairing System - 5/5

Sic 'Em - 2/3

Eager To Impress - 5/5

All My BFF's - 3/3

Lick The Wounds - 1/1

Equipped Skills: Gamma Burst, Endurance, Atomic Aroma

This build is highly effective for multiple reasons. First and foremost, Self-Repairing System will give players constant health regeneration, as well as higher maximum health. Most the skills in the Master tree will help Fl4k buff their pet and vice versa, making it a solid front-lines build. The Eridian Skag can create a singularity the draws enemies in towards it, and Fl4k is able to use Gamma Burst to deal radiation damage to surrounding enemies. It's a great build for players that want to have a more aggressive playstyle with high survivability. Plus, it will allow FL4k's pet to revive them when they go down.

Hunter/ Stalker Build

Alternatively, players may want to forgo the Master tree and invest in the Hunter skill tree instead. It will allow players to use the Fade Away skill to quickly get out of a bind, while still getting the health regeneration benefits. Instead of utilizing the Eridian Skay, players will want to equip the Spider Centurion. The build would look like this:


Interplanetary Stalker - 5/5

Leave No Trace - 3/3

Hunter's Eye - 3/5

Head Count - 2/3

Two F4ng - 5/5

Big Game - 3/3

The Most Dangerous Game - 3/3

Galactic Shadow - 1/1

Megavore - 1/1


Furious Attacks - 5/5

Eager To Impress - 4/5

Overclocked - 4/5

Lick The Wounds - 1/1

Turn Tail and Run - 3/3

The Fast and The Furryous - 3/3

Rage and Recover - 2/5

Equipped Skills: Fade Away, Guerillas In The Mist, Unblinking Eye

This build is a bit more hit and run style, but it has absolutely massive damage-dealing potential. It still emphasizes pets, but to a lesser degree. A lot of the build revolves around critical hits, which will work with other skills to reduce action skill cooldown, refund ammo, and more. The Megavore skill also gives players the chance to get a critical hit anywhere on an enemy's body, which makes the build highly effective. Players that prefer sniper rifles can also juggle around some skill points and invest in Ambush Predator, which increases weapon handling and critical hit damage when no enemies are nearby, like when aiming down a scope from long distance.

So far, these two builds appear to be some of the more effective ones for Flak the Beastmaster. Of course, its still early in Borderlands 3's lifespan. There will certainly balance changes in the future that will require builds to be tweaked, but those are usually good changes. 2K is already promising to address issues like Borderland 3's split-screen lag, and other changes are sure to follow.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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