Borderlands 3: FL4K Skill Trees and Action Skills Revealed

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After what feels like an eternity of waiting, Gearbox Software has finally lifted the curtain on FL4K the Beastmaster, the fourth and final Vault Hunter that players can choose from in Borderlands 3. The FL4K character trailer showcased all of FL4K's pets, and some of his actions skills, but after the trailer dropped Gearbox posted the full skill trees allowing players to start planning how they will spec FL4K next month.

FL4K is the Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter that players were most curious about, as there was little information out there about this pet-having robot. FL4K's three skill trees are Hunter, Master, and Stalker - each catering to a specific play style. FL4K can equip one of three pets as well, and each tree features augments to one of the three pets. The Hunter tree focuses on the Spiderant, the Master tree revolves around the Skag, and the Stalker tree caters to the Jabber. The augments in each tree can change the appearance and ability of the pet, so players will be able to customize both FL4K and their pet to create a unique and fun build.

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The Hunter skill tree's action skill is Rakk Attack, which summons Rakks to swarm and attack enemies. This will leave enemies damaged and distracted, which offers FL4K plenty of opportunities to aim for critical hits. The Hunter tree rewards players that hit critical hits through various skills. The capstone skill in the tree actually gives a chance to proc a critical hit regardless of where the enemy is shot, meaning that headshots are not always needed. The pet augments can make the Spiderant a flaming Scorcher or a Countess who can deal corrosive damage. If Borderlands 3 may not add DLC Vault Hunters, then maybe these trees can be expanded on in future updates to add even more abilities.

In the Master tree, players will earn skills to increase the power and effectiveness of their pets. The Gamma Burst action skill opens a portal that can teleport pets and will increase their size and damage. The capstone skill here allows FL4K to temporarily take control of an enemy and have them fight for FL4K for a short time, and using this on beasts will double the duration. This will be a lot of fun on planets with plenty of big beasts, like the new Eden-6 planet coming to the game. The pet augments can turn the Skag into a Horned Skag that can fling enemies upward, or an Eridian Skag who can pull enemies inward.

Lastly, the Stalker tree is all about staying out of sight and moving quickly through the battlefield. The Fade Away action skill turns FL4K invisible and allows him to fire off some shots on unsuspecting enemies before losing the invisibility. This tree even allows pets to revive FL4K if they are down, making it great for players not embracing the chaos of cooperative play. The capstone ability is The Power Inside, which gives FL4K and his pet bonus damage when activating an action skill, and this effect is doubled if FL4K is at full health. The pet augments change the Jabber and allow the Jabber to use different types of guns.

Regardless of which tree players decide to dive down, there are plenty of different ways players can build FL4K and their pets. Each of the four Vault Hunters has a large amount of customization to the game. From Zane's multiple action skills he can equip to Moze's Iron Bear weapons, players will be able to play multiple playthroughs of the same character and have completely different experiences. Hopefully, Borderlands 3 will increase the level cap after launch so players can earn even more skills for these powerful new Vault Hunters.

Borderlands 3 launches September 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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