The Best Borderlands 3 Boss to Farm for Legendary Loot and XP

As players make their way through the main chapters of the story campaign in Borderlands 3, their focus is mostly on completing the missions, leveling up, and unlocking new abilities. However, once those players complete the story, their focus typically shifts to farming weapons, loot, and XP.

There are a number of ways to farm loot and XP in Borderlands 3, from Legendary Hunt targets to specific bosses, but one of the best is Graveward. This Vault boss occurs about midway through the story in Borderlands 3 and is a relatively easy target to kill for farming.

Mayhem Mode for Better Loot

First, players will want to activate Mayhem Mode in order to increase their loot. Depending on how strong their build is, players can determine if they want to start on Mayhem 1 and work up or jump right into Mayhem 3. The end goal is to farm the Graveward Vault monster on Mayhem 3 for the most loot and XP, but it also poses the greatest challenge with a lot of modifiers.

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The good news is that players can check the modifiers by looking at the map and if too many are negative, they can change them. Just quit and reload the game and the Borderlands 3 Mayhem modifiers will rotate. Always try to look at the modifiers to determine, which weapons/elements are best to use and try to avoid ones that drastically impact normal bullet damage.

Where is Graveward?

Now, players should Fast Travel to The Floating Tomb on Eden-6 and prepare to fight Graveward. First, avoid its attack where Graveward tips the platform and sends out corrosive balls, then lay waste to the Vault monster. One of the best methods for doing so is to target the weak point on Graveward’s chest and use a Lyuda sniper rifle for big damage.

floating tomb mayhem mode

Another method that works for Fl4k players with a high damage build is to use the Queen’s Call pistol and critical hits. Assuming that there aren’t any modifiers nerfing critical damage, this build should be able to eliminate Graveward quickly.

How to Make Money Fast

Once Graveward is eliminated, players can pick up all of their new Borderlands 3 loot. On Mayhem 3 there should be a few Legendary items in the bunch, although Gearbox did nerf legendary drops a little bit. If players are focused on money, they can pick up all of the loot and sell it, but eventually the focus will be on the loot itself.

Then, to restart the farm, quit out and load the save again. Run back to Graveward and repeat the process all over.

graveward vault boss

Graveward should have most of the Legendary weapons and gear in its loot table, but there are some weapons that he does not drop. For example, the Storm Front grenade is a specific boss drop and cannot come from the Graveward farm. So those players who are looking for a specific weapon may need to farm a different boss. In our experience, Graveward is just the fastest boss to eliminate, it’s easy to travel to it from anywhere, and there are vending machines nearby for quick selling of items.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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