Borderlands 3 Could be an Epic Store Exclusive


Update 4/3: Borderlands 3 is now confirmed to be exclusive to the Epic Store on PC. The game will be available for other PC platforms by April 2020. Original story follows.

Yesterday, Borderlands 3 made headlines after the game's official Twitter account mistakenly sent out a tweet that Borderlands 3 is "coming September 13" and had the Epic Games store logo. While the tweet has been deleted, people are now speculating on which digital store Borderlands 3 will be released to for the PC.

Aside from Borderlands 3's reveal trailer, 2K Games is yet to announce specific details about the game, such as the official release date and the platforms it will be available in. However, statements from Randy Pitchford, the CEO of the game's developer Gearbox, seem to suggest that Borderlands 3 might be an Epic Store exclusive.

In a series of tweets, Pitchford says that all distribution decisions lie solely on the discretion of 2K Games. However, the CEO of Gearbox also mentioned that he himself has been happily shopping for games in various digital platforms, including the Epic Store. Pitchford hinted that "exclusives are fine when they come with advantages and when they are short - say, six months."

It is no secret that Gearbox's CEO is an avid supporter of Epic Games' venture in the digital distribution of video games. Pitchford previously stated that "Our friends at Epic are great people who care about the health of our industry and the value of creators big and small." After Epic Games opened its store late last year, Pitchford revealed that he is "excited to support the Epic Games Store," and when people confronted him about it, he simply said that "A PC is a PC - who cares which store you get your games from?"

Given recent developments, it appears that the possibility of Borderlands 3 releasing as an exclusive to the Epic Store, at least for a short time (say, six months), is not unlikely. Of course, the game may also be released to Steam at some point, but unless an official announcement has been made, no one can know for sure. When 2K Games was asked to comment about the rumors, a spokesperson from the publisher told PCGamesN that they have nothing to share at the moment, but more details on Borderlands 3 will be revealed tomorrow, April 3.

Borderlands 3 is currently in development for unspecified platforms and still has no official release date.

Sources: PCGames N

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