Borderlands 3: How to Dupe Weapons and Items

For some fans of the Borderlands franchise, weapon duping will not be an unfamiliar concept, as use of glitches that allow players to duplicate their items has been commonplace in previous entires in the series. While Gearbox Software indicated that duping would not be possible in Borderlands 3, players have already discovered that this is not entirely accurate. Indeed, there is currently a Borderlands 3 duping glitch, and this guide will go through exactly what it takes to execute it.

To note, the ability to dupe in BL3 is certainly not something that was intended by the developer. While releasing a patch that eliminates duping is likely to be the extent of Gearbox's action against the glitch, players should be aware of the fact that use of the Borderlands 3 duping exploit is considered a cheat and could lead to repercussions in the future.

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How to Do the Borderlands 3 Duping Glitch

To begin, players that wish to dupe Borderlands 3 legendary weapons and more will need to be playing on the PC version of the game and a second player must be available to assist. With these requirements established, here are the steps that fans should follow in order to perform the BL3 duping glitch:

  1. The player that is holding the item to be duped must copy their save file. This is done by navigating to Documents, My Games, Borderlands 3, Saved, SaveGames, Folder, 1.sav and then copying and pasting the save to a desired location.
  2. The player that will be receiving the duplicated Borderlands 3 gun or item must host a game, and the player that is holding the item must join that game.
  3. The player holding the item to be duplicated should drop it on the ground, and the other player should pick it up.
  4. The player that has dropped the item should close the game.
  5. That player should copy and paste the old save file back into the aforementioned location from where it was extracted previously.

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If done correctly, both players will now have the duplicated item in their inventories, and they can proceed to make more copies of it if they desire. That said, there are certainly a myriad of ways to legitimately earn loot in BL3, such as using Borderlands 3 VIP codes, and some will prefer to take on the grind required to obtain the gear that they desire. However, until the BL3 dupe glitch is patched, some players will welcome the opportunity to share their favorite gear with their friends.

Borderlands 3 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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Source: IGN

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