Borderlands 3 DLC: What We Want to See

Borderlands 3 has been out for a few weeks, and many are now working on True Vault Hunter Mode, rounding up achievements and trophies, and tackling the endgame content like Proving Grounds. While there seems to be enough content to keep players busy for a little while longer, one major factor on everyone's mind now is DLC. The free DLC event Bloody Harvest will be arriving in the next few weeks, but Gearbox Software also has plans to follow its model of 4 major DLC packs.

As such, there are a few things that everyone hopes to see, a few questions that need to be answered, and more. There's no telling what Gearbox has in the works for the thus-far unannounced major DLCs, but here are a few things we are hoping to see in Borderlands 3 DLC. Because this story is referring to events that could take place after the BL3 story, there are MAJOR SPOILERS, so proceed with caution.

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The Calypso Twins

Many feel as if Troy and Tyreen Calypso live in Handsome Jack's shadow, as no villain could ever live up to the the major BL2 antagonist. This was one reason that the Borderlands 3 story fell flat with many fans, which isn't helped by how one-dimensional these villains appear to be. However, there are tangents of story between the two: their relation to Nekrotafeio, how Troy himself lived in Tyreen's shadow, the death of their mother, and more. While bringing them back somehow would undermine the story, a DLC like The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned couple explore these characters and provide much-needed complexities, or a DLC that just gave more context to their rise and the COV would do much to make the Calypso Twins a little more bearable.

The Watcher's Warning

pre-sequel the watcher

At the end of the Pre-Sequel, Watcher warns the Vault Hunters that a massive war was coming and that they would need all the Vault Hunters they could get, yet the war with the COV doesn't seem to live up to this. On the one hand, the BL3 story provides a lot of context for Elpis and the Destroyer, but on the other, it doesn't seem to be to the scale of the Watcher's warning. A DLC exploring what this could mean further would be great, especially if Gearbox was cooking up something with the Eridians. After all, the Siren Nyriad notes that the Watcher only did its self-described job when they sealed the Destroyer away and watched. This doesn't rule out that this war could be that the events of BL3 are what the Watcher warned of, but if so, it feels like a missed opportunity. For now, it remains unclear.

More Vault Hunters

Building off the Watcher's warning, BL3 DLC should explore more of the Vault Hunters. Gearbox has heavily suggested that there would be no Borderlands 3 DLC characters, but that doesn't mean some missing Vault Hunters can't be explored in ways those in the story have been. While a few have criticized how BL3 seems like a simple series of cameos, there's no doubt that bringing back the missing Vault Hunters such as Axton, Salvador, Gaige, and Krieg would do well to push DLC sales.

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FL4K and Zer0

bl3 fl4k zer0

FL4K and Zer0 seem to have some connection in Borderlands 3, with Zer0 at one point wondering about the creator of his suit. There seems to be an underlying story revolving around the creation of Zer0 and FL4K based on various dialogue, which exploring would make a great DLC story. A mysterious creator, missing numbers and/or generations of robots, and some dialogue with FL4k and the Eridium Slabs could all make for a great story that would finally fill in the missing links to these characters.


dnd classes borderlands 3

Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC was a more-than-welcome addition to Borderlands 2, and if she were to take on the role of Game Master again for another round, then those who enjoyed it the first time around would more than likely love the second. After all, Tiny Tina is one of the most popular characters in the franchise, and her role in the BL3 was rather small. Not to mention, with a brand new table of Vault Hunters, it would be interesting to see what each Borderlands 3 character would "play" in Dungeons & Dragons.

At the end of the day, this is just a wishlist of BL3 DLC content, so it's possible that not every single aspect, if any, are explored. What matters in the end is that Gearbox delivers some fun new content for fans, and that seems like a very real possibility, especially if the Borderlands 3 season pass details are any indication.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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