Borderlands 3: How to Complete Childhood's End Side Quest

Borderlands 3 doesn't feature Handsome Jack in any major capacity, but that doesn't mean that the popular Borderlands 2 villain is completely absent from the new game. There are multiple references to Handsome Jack throughout Borderlands 3, but one of the most substantial is the side quest called Childhood's End, which expands not only on Handsome Jack, but his Siren daughter Angel as well.

Borderlands 3 players who want to complete the Childhood's End side quest will want to visit Konrad's Hold on Pandora. In the quest, Tannis leads Borderlands 3 players to a room that has a portrait of Handsome Jack. There is a button on the side of the portrait that reveals a secret room filled with Angel's things, which Tannis believes still has the memories of Jack's ill-fated daughter tied to them.

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Over the course of the Childhood's End quest, Borderlands 3 players are tasked with finding various objects of Angel's. Most of these objects are fairly easy to find, but some of them can actually be pretty tricky to locate. Borderlands 3 players may find it especially difficult to locate the satellite and the Hyperion RKT Sentry, so here's where to find everything in the Childhood's End side quest.

For those that prefer a video guide, we recommend this one by YouTube channel Noctober:

Teddy Bear

borderlands 3 childhood's end side quest

The first object players need to find is Angel's teddy bear. This is located on the north side of room on the couch, and is pretty easy to find.

Vending Machine

borderlands 3 childhood's end side quest

The next object players have to locate is a vending machine. Like the teddy bear, finding the vending machine isn't too difficult. It's located behind the gated-off area, so flip the switch to gain access and touch the machine. This will not only complete the objective, but some of Borderlands 3's many guns will pop out as well, giving players some extra loot to collect.

Hyperion RKT Sentry

This is where the Childhood's End side quest in Borderlands 3 gets a little tricky. To find the Hyperion RKT Sentry, the first thing players will want to do is grab the Power Fuse off of the crate. The quest marker will lead them to the fuse box that they have to put it in, and then they will find themselves fighting some bugs in a small cave system. By following the cave system, players will eventually reach a generator. Press the button on it, and then take note of where its wires are going.

The wires of the generator connect to two switches, marked by "up" arrows. The switches have small targets on top of them, which are a little hard to see. Shoot both targets to open the gate in the room, which reveals the RKT Sentry. Interact with it, wait for the flashback to end, and then destroy the RKT Sentry when it tries to attack.


Finding the satellite in the Childhood's End side quest is also difficult, as it seems to be a bit buggy. Located above the RKT Sentry is a hatch that leads up to the next area, but its covered by a wooden pallet. In our experience, we had to close the door in the Hyperion RKT Sentry room for the game to let us destroy the wood. At any rate, once the game decides to finally let players destroy the wood, they can climb the ladder and reach the next area. Then they can touch the satellite and fast-travel to Roland's Rest to complete the rest of the mission.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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