5 Characters We Love From Borderlands 3 (And 5 We Can't Stand)

Borderlands 3 hammerlocke and wainwright

Borderlands 3 is chock full of characters. Some returned from previous entries, while others are brand new faces. The old adage "just because you are a character, doesn't mean you have character" rings true about many of the NPCs, however. A major talking point about the game is its writing, and that includes the personalities populating the several planets.

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Some faces are a delight to see, while others make gamers moan whenever they pop up. To that affect, the following list will detail five characters from Borderlands 3 we love, and five we can't stand. It's important to note that personalities are subjective and people love a certain person for the same reason many others despise them.

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Tannis Borderlands 3
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10 Love: Tannis

Tannis Borderlands 3

Tannis's mind is always running a marathon. The woman cannot keep thoughts still for five seconds, and that's why she's always enjoyable to be around. One moment she's making odd observations about human interactions, and the next she is hiding inside of an animal carcass when her lab starts freezing. At one point in the story, her life is in grave danger, and it really made us appreciate her contribution to the game. Fortunately, the Vault Hunter doesn't let anything bad happen to her.

9 Can't Stand: Ava

borderlands 3 ava hate explained

A lot of people appreciate Ava, but even more decry her whiny attitude. Additionally, she is inadvertently at fault for one of the game's sadder, more dramatic moments. The first side quests she gives out is one of the more entertaining missions, but she's constantly yelling at Lilith and the other crew aboard Sanctuary, and that's not cool. One cannot go too hard on her, though; she's still a teenager, and who among us wasn't a little brat in their young adult years?

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8 Love: Wainwright Jakobs

Borderlands 3 hammerlocke and wainwright

Wainwright Jakobs is a proper gentleman with enough dapper to supply good manners to the entire universe. Once players reach Eden-6 they can expect to spend a lot of time with the heir to the Jakobs corporation. Unlike other characters, he doesn't constantly barrage the player with bad jokes, though he still pulls off a good quip here and there. Special credit is due to David Wald for such a great voice performance as he accentuates the character's Bayou drawl. On top of that, he and Sir Hammerlock make a cute couple.

7 Can't Stand: Claptrap

borderlands 3 controversies

Fans are split down the middle on Claptrap. As the face of the series, some people adore the robot, and others play the Claptrap's New Robot Revolution DLC from the first game repeatedly for the opportunity to commit claptrap genocide.

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Regardless of one's feelings, he undeniably represents everything Borderlands. Admittedly, the mascot is  more entertaining in the most recent entry than in the past. A couple of his one-liners hit their mark successfully, and don't just come off as annoying banter.

6 Love: Maya

borderlands who are the sirens

Borderlands 2's Siren makes a triumphant return in Borderlands 3. Players first encounter her when they help out the pacifistic monks on Athenas. Her Phaselock ability was a helpful tool in co-op mode, and she uses it to aid the player when they are fighting together in this game.

It's always nice to see playable characters from the previous entries get more personality in the sequels. It's not unlike Solid Snake getting extra characterization in Metal Gear Solid 2 when players see them from Raiden's perspective.

5 Can't Stand: Marcus

Borderlands 3 Marcus

In the cutscenes, Marcus isn't half bad. He even pulls off some funny jokes as he narrates the introductions. He only really becomes annoying during game play. Every time the player walks up to a Marcus Munitions, the vending machine spits out a few words from the arms dealer.

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He only has a small handful of quips, and they get repetitive fast. Considering the hundreds of times players will use these stores, one would think the developers would have written more for the machines.

4 Love: Ellie

Borderlands 3 Ellie catch a ride

After Scooter's untimely demise, Ellie becomes the sole proprietor of Catch-A-Ride. Losing a brother is indescribably painful, but she keeps the business running smoothly. She's also always at the ready to help the player.

Some of her jokes and double entendres fall flat, but it is easily forgivable when one sees how cheery she is in the face of danger. Our only wish would be to see more interaction between her and her mother, Moxxi. The two are so radically different, it would be a pleasure to learn more about their relationship.

3 Can't Stand: Troy And Tyreen Calypso

When one of the Calypsos appears, the other often isn't close behind. As villains, they definitely check all the marks at being irredeemably evil, but their nonchalant attitude sometimes removes any impact of their evil deeds. Their whole shtick is parodying social media influencers, a joke that lands better with some fans than it does with others.

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Their voices get grating at times, almost making one wish they were a little more grounded. They also fall into another one of the game's faults: too many characters repeatedly relay how much they love slaughtering innocent people.

2 Love: Lilith

The Firehawk has been with the series since the beginning. As a playable character in the first game, she didn't have much personality, but the sequel expanded on the character significantly. Lilith almost immediately became a fan favorite, and it's easy to see why.

She's one of the few characters who plays it completely straight, and that's extremely refreshing in a game where everybody seems to be testing their bits in the battlefield. The intro to Borderlands 3 sees the Calypsos stealing the Siren's powers, and it was a truly devastating moment. But like a true champ, Lilith marches on with her head held high, still leading the Crimson Raiders with gusto.

1 Can't Stand: Vaughn

Vaughn Borderlands 3

Vaughn is a returning character from Tales From The Borderlands. He's helpful and means well, but his jokes and dialogue consistently elicit rolling eyeballs. It doesn't help that he's one of the first characters with whom players interact, so it sets the tone for the rest of the game. When he's not directing players on where to go, he's either joking about his abs or calling someone bro. There's even a point where he calls a woman bronette.

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