Borderlands 3 Characters and Classes: Everything We Know So Far

borderlands 3 characters and classes revealed in pax east trailer

Seven years after the launch of Borderlands 2, and Gearbox Software finally announced Borderlands 3 in a stunning PAX East trailer that gave fans a taste of what they can expect from the highly-anticipated game. The first Borderlands 3 trailer gave fans a look at the game's villains, weapons, worlds, and perhaps most notably, its four new playable characters.

As with past Borderlands games, Borderlands 3 will introduce four new playable Vault Hunters for players to choose from when they start their adventure. Gearbox hasn't officially revealed the names or abilities of these characters, but since the Borderlands 3 PAX East trailer confirmed basically everything else claimed by the leaks, it's safe to rely on them for more information.

Flak the Beastmaster

borderlands 3 characters and classes revealed in pax east trailer

In Borderlands 3, Flak is an android who summons three different AI-controlled pets to assist him in battle. It's possible one of these pets is the walking gun shown in the PAX East trailer, but that's just speculation at this time. Flak's ability to summon AI companions is rumored to be one of the reasons why Borderlands 3 wasn't announced earlier, as the development team reportedly struggled with getting the feature to work properly.

Moze the Bot Jock

Moze is another character that was accurately leaked ahead of time. A mecha rider that can summon her own mech (which can also be ridden by other players), Gearbox actually offered fans their first look at Moze years ago, as the character was featured in the Borderlands Unreal Engine 4 tech demo that was shown at GDC 2017.

Zane the Operative

borderlands 3 characters and classes revealed in pax east trailer

Previous Borderlands 3 leaks have described Zane the Operative as being like Batman, in that he is a rich man who uses a variety of gadgets when out fighting baddies. Zane will be a stealth character, similar to Zero from Borderlands 2, and will supposedly be able to summon a decoy to distract enemies.

Amara the Siren

borderlands 3 siren name revealed amara

More details about Amara the Siren's special abilities have been leaked than any other character revealed so far. According to the leaks, Amara will have a ground-pound attack, Phaselock, and holograms that can physically attack enemies.

borderlands 3 characters and classes everything we know so far

While much of the information in the Borderlands 3 leaks were confirmed by the game's PAX East 2019 trailer, we must still caution fans to take these character details with a grain of salt. It's possible Gearbox may tweak the names of the characters or their abilities ahead of launch, so fans will just need to stay tuned for more official details on Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is in development for unspecified platforms.

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