Borderlands 3 Character Art Reportedly Leaks

borderlands 3 concept art

It has been a few years since a new Borderlands game has been released, and despite a Borderlands 3 reveal being teased for this year's Game Awards, there was no mention of the highly-anticipated sequel to the series at the ceremony. Very recently, rumored character classes for Borderlands 3 came to surface, and now a Reddit user has leaked apparent character concept art for the upcoming game.

The three character sketches that the Redditor leaked are "The Beastmaster," "The Operative," and "The Bot Jock." As can be seen in the images below, these characters match the character classes that leaked recently, so if they are fake then they are convincing fakes. "The Beastmaster" in the first sketch matches with the Beast Master class, which will allow players to have different pets, "The Operative" is the Assassin class, and "The Bot Jock" is the Soldier class, which will apparently be able to summon a Titan mech from the sky.

the beastmaster and the operative
the bot jack

Unfortunately, the leaked images do not show the fourth character that players will be able to choose from, which is apparently similar to Brick from the original Borderlands. From the images, though, it is evident that these characters will stay true to the classic dystopian steam-punk Borderlands look, and we can assume that the fourth character will look similar to these three, which is something that fans can look forward to.

We know very few other details about Borderlands 3, but some rumors that the game might release in 2019 have been circulating on the Internet. From the recent surge in rumors and details about the upcoming game, it seems that an official announcement by Gearbox Software is in the very near future. Borderlands is certainly one of gaming's most critically acclaimed series that has a huge following of fans, and many fans look forward to being able to enter the chaotic world of Pandora once more.

Borderlands 3 is in development for unspecified consoles.

Source: Reddit

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