Use This Borderlands 3 Build to Melt Bosses Fast

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As Borderlands 3 players reach the endgame, many will be looking at how to farm BL3 bosses as fast as possible. Of course, reaching those bosses and defeating them presents it own challenge altogether, especially after activating Mayhem Mode. Yet, there is a particular solo build for Flak the Beastmaster that allows the Vault Hunter to absolutely melt bosses.

It's worth mentioning that this build has a few downsides, as it turns Flak into a glass cannon, but for those grinding out Borderlands 3 bosses, it's well worthwhile. The central and most vital piece to this build is the Queen's Call, a Jakobs pistol that refills its own magazine after a critical hit, which is dropped when players defeat Tyreen. For relics and shields, anything that provides a lot of defense and/or cuts health for shields is good to help with the overall weakness of the character.

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Skill-wise, BL3 players will want to focus on the green Stalker tree but also take some of the damage abilities from the blue Master and red Hunter trees as well, allowing the Beastmaster to be incredibly powerful in Borderlands 3's endgame. Exact skill selection and dips can be seen in the below video around the 5:30 mark, but the required action skills and augments are Fade Away, Flaks's action skill that allows them to turn invisible; Guerillas in the Mist, the augment that doesn't end Fade Away when firing; and Unblinking Eye, the augment that increases critical hit damage with successive strikes.

The Queen's Call combined with these action skills absolutely melts bosses. The effectiveness of this build is also showcased in the below video, where the Katagawa Ball is defeated in all of 8 seconds. Notably, this build will also work with other guns when done right, but that's more for those who don't want to repeatedly use the same gun, as no other known gun can pull this off the same way.

It's clear that this is probably one of the best Flak builds in Borderlands 3, especially those looking toward grinding out some loot in Mayhem Mode. Whatever the reason, if players are looking to melt bosses and are playing Flak, this build is well-worth checking into.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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