Borderlands 3: What is the Bloody Harvest Event Release Date?

bl3 bloody harvest

Borderlands 3 has been out long enough that the hype going into it has died down a little, but no one can say that it isn't receiving enough post-launch support. Developer Gearbox Software has been hard at work providing updates to the characters, with another BL3 Patch addressing Vault Hunters and Mayhem Mode in the near future. Compile the balancing tweaks, whether for good or ill, with the on-going Anniversary event, and many fans may be sated for the time being before any major DLC launches.

However, there are as many looking forward to the upcoming Bloody Harvest event for Borderlands 3. As previously revealed, this DLC event will play host to some Halloween-inspired baddies on a brand new map, but players will first need to defeat ghosts and earn Hecktoplasm before accessing the map. This is something designed to be given to Maurice, a new character to be found on Sanctuary 3 (perhaps only during this event).

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Haunted enemies will spawn ghosts upon defeat, but they come with a new gameplay mechanic. A Terror debuff mist will block vision and weaken the player's accuracy, handling, and spread. Other enemies associated with the event are Rakk-O-Lanterns and Skeletal Captain Haunt, a returning version of the Captain Traunt boss. Throughout this Borderlands 3 Bloody Harvest event, players will be able to unlock a new shield that utilizes the aforementioned Terror debuff, two new and unannounced legendaries, a thematically-appropriate grenade mod, and a few smaller cosmetic rewards.

As forthcoming as Borderlands 3 was when the event was announced, there's one major detail that wasn't addressed: its release date. Despite Halloween just being a couple of weeks away, Gearbox still hasn't come out and officially announced this, but the most likely case is that it's the "Spooky Surprise" connected to the Anniversary event.

To celebrate its 10-year anniversary, Borderlands 3 has been hosting back-to-back event content. October 1-7 featured bonus loot drops from bosses, October 8-14 had players hunting down Rare Spawns, and currently, players are benefiting from the Show Me The Eridium bonuses. This adds Eridium drops to standard enemies, an increased drop rate for Eridium in Mayhem Mode, Moxxi's slot machines have a decreased Eridium Cost, and Crazy Earl has discount items.

When this ends, its Twitch event will run on October 22-28, with the final week running from October 29 - November 4. Given that is is described as a "Spooky Surprise," it makes sense that this event will begin on October 29, just in time for Halloween. It also makes sense given that the event was announced as limited-time thing for Borderlands 3 that it would bring the anniversary event to a close.

What this means is that Borderlands 3 players should plan to spend a little time during the final week of the event checking it out. Everyone will be busy with the holidays, but it's a nice little addition and those legendaries may prove to be worth it, especially since the Lyuda is getting nerfed. Of course, it could also be that Gearbox's surprise could be something unrelated, simply going on at the same time or around the same time as the Bloody Harvest event.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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