Borderlands 3: 5 Best & 5 Worst Legendary Assault Rifles

Borderlands 3 sure is one big stampede of guns. There are weapons here, there, and just about everywhere. Admittedly, past level 45, most players are likely to ignore all the white, blue, and green drops, but the variety is still welcome! Plus some are cosmetics.

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In any case, this article is about orange drops, the Legendary Weapons. And among them, the Assault Rifles are some of the best. Seriously, many of these weapons have great special effects. Today, let's discuss the most insane Legendary Assault Rifles that BL3 has to offer.

10 Best: Rowan's (& Lucian's) Call

These are just the best versions of the "Return and Richochet" type of guns. There are a good amount of Legendary weapons that ricochet additional bullets upon impact. Some of them ricochet randomly, while others hone in on nearby enemies.

However, what's even better is that they also return 2 bullets to the magazine for every critical hit. This means that on a Fade Away FL4K, these guns essentially have unlimited ammo. Even on Moze, Zane, or Amara, there are plenty of situations where these bad boys are useful. Basically, they're not super exciting, but they're absolutely some of the best guns in the game.

9 Worst: The Hand of Glory

The Hand of Glory is actually a gun that is impossible to miss in Borderlands 3 as it is obtained during the "Guns of Reliance" main-story questline on Eden 6. This gun isn't bad by any means, but it's boringly balanced considering its a 100% guaranteed Legendary. The HoG fires in bursts of two, and after the third burst, there's a short delay before it can be fired again. That is its special effect.

It's got good damage and the recoil is shockingly small, meaning that firing it at a bandit's head is a guaranteed 2-hit critical. But, there are just so many better options for Legendary Assault Rifles. Nevertheless, during someone's first playthrough, the Hand of Glory is worth using while looking for better options.

8 Best: Hammerlock's Bekah

Hammerlock's Bekah, on the other hand, is another guaranteed Legendary, but players will have to complete every single Legendary Hunt first. That's right, this is the final reward for "Hammerlock's Hunts" found throughout the galaxy. As opposed to most other Legendaries, this is truly the only way to obtain this Assault Rifle.

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It's a Jakobs' gun and fires twice. Why is that more exciting than the Hand of Glory? Well, because it fires twice in sequence with a line of 3 bullets. Much like the Lyuda, each of these bullets does some pretty substantial damage, and while it's a bit boring in its appearance and effect, the Bekah is basically the upgraded version of the HoG.

7 Worst: The Rebel Yell

Rhys is a returning character from the Tales of The Borderlands games and he's hilarious. It's awesome to see a character from a spinoff game returning in such a huge capacity, especially since he leads Atlas, the biggest corporation from the first game. But, the Rebel Yell is a poor representation of Atlas guns.

This gun's special effect is simple, with the weapon always dealing shock damage. Basically, the Rebel Yell always drops as an elemental weapon, something all guns have a chance to do. Yet, for some reason, they made it its special effect. Obviously, when compared to other weapons that have actual special effects, this doesn't compare, at all.

6 Best: The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a surprisingly amazing gun. At first glance, most players will cringe at the fact that it causes damage to the player with every shot. But, it's only 10 points of shock damage, on a shield with thousands of points of capacity. Furthermore, this gun has a relatively low magazine size, so at worst it's like two to three hundred points of shield damage per clip, which is quite low at high levels.

Ignoring that, this Assault Rifle is a Togue gun, which is rare for rifles. The damage is sizeable and makes it a great weapon in its own right; however, the best part is using this bad boy in conjunction with the Transformer shield, which heals the player whenever shock damage is taken. This means that just by firing the Alchemist, the player is healed.

5 Worst: The Sickle

Much like how the Night Hawkin is good despite having an awful special effect, the Sickle sounds like it should be amazing but was generally underwhelming. The gun's special effect is similar to The Hammer from the original Borderlands, which makes sense given its communistic inclination.

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This assault rifle acts more like a shotgun by blasting enemies with 6 bullets each shot in the shape of a sickle. But, if someone wanted to use a shotgun, they would! Why turn one type of gun into another? Especially when the Legendary Shotguns in BL3 are already so godly.

4 Best: The Carrier

Like we said earlier, we're not big into Atlas weapons in Borderlands 3. The "mark and auto-fire" gimmick was cool the first couple times, but it got old pretty quick. Why take an extra step to hit an enemy when we can just aim at them instead? Firing from a safe position is for babies.

That said, playing with a friend showed there are some good Atlas weapons, with the Carrier being one such exception. This assault rifle is yet another in the long line of "Good weapons that also ricochet," only this time, the ricochets home in on enemies and can even hit their original target again!

3 Worst: The Try Bolt

The Try Bolt really feels like a discount Alchemist. It fires three sticky rockets per shot that don't explode until the player reloads. While that should be better, the Try Bolt damage just doesn't compare, plus it has no synergy with The Transformer shield.

Basically, this weapon is one of the worst simply because there exists a better version that offers more. There's no reason to prioritize using the Try Bolt over an Alchemist.

2 Best: Bearcat

While it may not initially seem to be particularly great, the Bearcat does ultimately prove to be rather awesome. Depending on the user's playstyle, most weapons can be effective.

The Bearcat is a splash damage champ. It fires 3 bouncing grenades with every trigger pull, making it a superior version of the Boring Gun. Basically, if Splash Damage Moze seems like a fun build, we highly recommend this Assault Rifle for it. But even on other characters, this little WMD has its uses.

1 Worst: Damned

Lastly, much like how the Sickle gets a thumbs down for trying to be something it's not, the Damned gets thumbs way down by betraying its own manufacturer. It's a Vladof weapon, but it has the Shield that Hyperion weapons have rather than an under-barrel attachment or large clip. That is simply blasphemous!

Plus, who would prefer a lame ADS shield over a sweet under-barrel shotgun, bipod, or grenade launcher? The Damned betrayed its maker for a lame deal, and that makes it a lame gun. End of story.

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