Borderlands 3: How to Get the Best Legendary Sniper in the Game

Best Gun in Borderlands: Lyuda

Borderlands 3 is the newest chapter of the Borderlands series. Now that it's been on shelves for a couple of days, people are starting to come into the end-game content and are picking up some of the best guns of the game. For many players, the best guns come from endless farming against bosses whose Legendary loot drops have been significantly nerfed. However, there is a guaranteed drop for the best sniper rifle in the game: the Legendary Vicious Lyuda.

The First (Not Guaranteed) Way

There is another way to farm this gun, but it's nowhere near guaranteed. If players aren't up for the challenge of doing a pretty intense quest, they can try to pick up this Lyuda by farming The Graveward. The Graveward is that big, scary thing that's been hiding under the Vault on Eden-6. It's scary and not super fun to fight (unless Borderlands 3 players find poisonous creatures and corrosive breath fun).

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The drop rate for the Vicious Lyuda is not high, and it was lowered significantly after the loot drops were nerfed in the last patch. It's not impossible to get this weapon from farming; but with a little bad luck, it will take twice as long as doing it the guaranteed way.

The Guaranteed Way

While this method is by no means fast, it's the best way to make sure players get their first Legendary Vicious Lyuda in a timely manner. The questline is Zero's quest that appears as soon as players complete the game. It'll be a great thing to chase while players who have completed the game are waiting for the Borderlands Halloween-themed event, Bloody Harvest. This quest requires that players find and shoot ten targets, located all over the universe. Here's a list of the locations:

1) Pandora - Devil's Razor - Hot Karl - Hot Karl will be hanging out on Devil's Razor; players can kill him while picking up the quest for Dr. Disrespect's gun.

borderlands 3 hot karl zer0 assassination map

2) Pandora - The Splinterlands - DJ DeadSk4G

borderlands 3 zer0 assassination deadsk4g location map

3) Pandora - Cathedral of the Twin Gods - Crushjaw

borderlands 3 zer0 assassination crushjaw location map

4) Promethea - Meridian Metroplex - Baron Noggin

borderlands 3 zer0 assassination baron noggin map location

5) Promethea - Skywell-27 - Handsome Jackie

borderlands 3 handsome jackie location map zer0 assassination

6) Promethea - Lectra City - Judge Hightower and his Gang - These guys are on available during or after the Side Mission “Kill Killavolt”

borderlands 3 judge hightower location map lectra city

7) Eden-6 - The Anvil - Sky Bullies

borderlands 3 sky bullies zer0 assassination map location

8) Eden-6 - Jakobs Estate - Heckle and Hyde

borderlands 3 heckle hyde location eden 6 map

9) Eden-6 - Ambermire - Psychobillies

borderlands 3 zer0 assassination psychobillies location map

10) Nekrotafeyo - Tazender Ruins - Sylestro and Atomic

borderlands 3 sylestro atomic zer0 assassination map location

This will be a time-consuming questline, but it will be worth it in the end. Besides, what else do players have to do while they wait for possible Lilith-themed DLC?

Once all of the targets are dead, players will get mail from Zero. But where's the mailbox? Hit the "Start" menu, then clicking on "Social." The mailbox should be located in the menu. Open the mail from Zero, and the message will read: "All contracts complete. You are an artist of death. I am quite impressed." This message will include a Legendary Lyuda for the player's level, with a randomly rolled element.

Borderlands 3 is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Microsoft Windows.

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