Borderlands 3: The Best Skills to Use For Amara

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Nearly every Borderlands game has features a playable Siren who wields mystical powers to take down any person who stands in their way. In Borderlands 3, players have the opportunity to play as Amara, a new Siren with some crazy new abilities. Unlike previous games in the series, Amara features three different core action skills that really let players customize how they play the game. While there are many different builds players can try out with Amara's skill trees, there are some skills that really take this Siren to the next level.

Amara has three skill trees that each lean into very different playstyles in Borderlands 3: Mystical Assault, Fist of the Elements, and Brawl. Mystical Assault buffs Amara's action skills, as well as many of her other abilities thanks to the Rush stacks she generates. Fist of the Elements is all about dealing huge elemental damage through any and every source possible. Brawl, as the name implies, is all about melee and getting up close and personal with the enemies Amara is fighting.

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Thanks to the Borderlands 3 Skill Tree Calculator, fans are now able to plug in different skills for each character to make theoretical builds to prepare for next month's launch. Currently, players are able to allocate 48 skill points across each character's skill trees. The calculator gives players a run down on all of the buffs that come with the skills so they will have an idea as to how the specific build will perform on Day One. Using this tool, here are the best skills from each of Amara's skill trees.

The Best Mystical Assault Skills for Amara

borderlands 3 amara the siren e3 trailer

ASCENDANT — Ascendant is a powerful ability that players unlock half-way through Amara's Mystical Assault tree. This powerful one-point skill gives all of Amara's Action Skill augments increased benefits. What sets Amara apart from the other Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters is that her augments can be applied to any action skill, making this skill powerful no matter which Action Skill the player is running in the massive follow-up to Borderlands 2.

DELIVERANCE — Deliverance is actually a modified version of Amara's Phasecast Action Skill. With Deliverance, every time the projection hits an enemy it sends out a homing projectile that seeks out enemies and deals elemental damage based on what Amara's attuned Action Skill element is.

DO HARM+VIOLENT TAPESTRY — Amara's Mystical Assault tree has a few skills that revolve around generating and spending Rush. Do Harm and Violent Tapestry are two skills that, when combined, allow Amara to generate stacks of Rush incredibly fast. Do Harm generates a stack of Rush every time Amara kills an enemy, while Violent Tapestry generates a stack every time Amara applies an elemental status effect - which pairs well with some of the new gun manufacturer perks. Amara consumes all stacks of Rush when she uses an Action Skill. For every stack of Rush consumed, Do Harm increases Amara's Action skill damage, while Violent Tapestry increases Amara's Status Effect chance.

The Best Fist of the Elements Skills for Amara

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ILLUMINATED FIST — Illuminated Fist is another one-point skill which adds Amara's attuned Action Skill element to all of her melee attacks, as well as increasing her melee damage by 75%. If punching things really hard is something a player is interested in, then Amara may be the best Vault Hunter to choose in Borderlands 3.

WILDFIRE — Wildfire is all about spreading elemental damage to other enemies. When this skill is maxed out, Amara has a 40% chance to spread a status effect to a nearby enemy whenever she applies a status effect.

CATHARSIS — Much like Wildfire, Catharsis is all about dealing elemental damage to nearby enemies whenever Amara attacks. At max stacks for this ability, when Amara applies an elemental effect to an enemy and that enemy dies, the enemy explodes dealing damage to any nearby opponents. The damage type is based on Amara's attuned element, and this ability has an eight second cooldown.

The Best Brawl Skills for Amara

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DO UNTO OTHERS — Do Unto Others is another one-point action skill that shoots out an elemental orb at whoever is damaging Amara. The damage corresponds to Amara's attuned Action Skill element and has an eight second cooldown. This skill is sure to enemies running just like they were in the Amara character trailer.

GUARDIAN ANGEL — Guardian Angel is one of the few live-saving abilities for Amara. Whenever Amara drops into Fight For Your Life, she will instead be brought back to full health and release an elemental nova corresponding to her Action Skill element. While it packs a punch and comes in handy in difficult fights, it does have a 120 second cooldown. This skill will definitely come in handy whenever Borderlands 3 story DLC launches.

FIND YOUR CENTER — This one-point skill is a must-have for anyone specializing in a melee build. Find Your Center grants Amara a 100% melee damage bonus, and after Amara uses an Action Skill she has 75% increased melee range for 20 seconds. Amara can definitely be the tank of the group with this ability when playing Borderlands 3 with friends.

Capstone Abilities

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Amara's Capstone abilities are pretty much on par with the best FL4K skills in Borderlands 3, meaning that these skills will let Amara be an absolute powerhouse regardless of which tree players decide to go down. In the Mystical Assault Tree, Amara will unlock Avatar, which will allow her to use her Action Skill a second time while it is on cooldown. This can only be used once per ability use. In the Fist of the Elements tree, Amara unlocks Forceful Expression, which adds 18% bonus Elemental Damage to all of her damage sources, and the bonus damage is her attuned element. Lastly, the Brawl tree gives Amara Blitz, a melee override which lets Amara dash toward an enemy to deal 100% bonus melee damage. This skill has an eight second cooldown, but if it kills an enemy it is immediately reset.

Amara is incredibly powerful, which makes sense considering she is one of the mystical Sirens in the Borderlands universe. Her skills let players pick and choose how they want Amara to play, giving players immense freedom during their time in Borderlands 3. Whether players decide to go with Amara, or one of the other extremely powerful Vault Hunters, they are sure to have a plenty of options to choose from when Borderlands 3 launches next month.

Borderlands 3 launches September 13 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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