Borderlands 3: Best Farming Spot for Legendaries, Eridium, and Cash

borderlands 3 best farming spot

For players that are looking to farm legendaries, Eridium, and cash in Borderlands 3, there are certainly no shortage of options available to them. For example, some fans may chose to use the Borderlands 3 Moxxi's slot machine glitch to farm legendaries from the comfort of Sanctuary, while others may prefer to get out there and repeatedly kill one of the game's many bosses. However, players that are looking for the absolute best BL3 farming spot will find a stellar location in this guide.

To note, making the most out of this Borderlands 3 farming spot requires players to utilize a BL3 invincibility glitch. This Borderlands 3 glitch is done by first obtaining one of the Last Stand legendary artifacts, which grant temporary invulnerability when a player drops below 50% health. With such an artifact equipped, players should take damage until they are below 50% health, and as their shield begins to regenerate, they should switch to any other artifact to gain invincibility.

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Now that a player's Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter is invincible, they can begin to take on the best BL3 farm. Specifically, this Borderlands 3 farming spot is the Slaughter Shaft on Pandora, as the amount of powerful enemies that spawn in this location is quite simply through the roof. Not only will players that spend some time farming the Slaughter Shaft walk away with a great number of Borderlands 3 legendary weapons, they will pickup a ton of cash, Eridium, and XP as well.

Players that would like to see just how rewarding this Borderlands 3 legendary farming spot can be, when coupled with the BL3 invincibility glitch, should reference the video featured here. Furthermore, this video provides a tutorial on how to perform the Borderlands 3 invincibility glitch for fans that prefer a visual reference.

Additionally, those that want to make this BL3 legendary farm even easier can also utilize a Borderlands 3 one-shot glitch, which allows fans to kill almost anything in the game with a single bullet. However, this Borderlands 3 exploit is only available to fans playing as Moze, which is obviously quite a limitation. Fortunately, making a Vault Hunter invincible is more than enough to turn this Borderlands 3 farming spot into one of the best in the game.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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