Borderlands 3: The Best Drops From Every Boss

Borderlands 3: The Best Drops From Every Boss

Borderlands 3 is the action RPG by Gearbox that is really taking the world by storm. The story for Borderlands 3 is exceptionally cool, and this fourth installment adds a lot to the series as a whole. Its replayability is something that many video game lovers are digging; there's tons of stuff to do after the game is already beaten. One of those things is farming bosses for their best possible loot. So what item is each of the bosses' best drops?

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Story Bosses

1) Mouthpiece - Mindkiller (Shotgun) A shotgun with Dubstep projectiles. This is one of the most fun guns in Borderlands 3 (even if it's not the best), and it would be super cool to be able to craft better guns with Dubstep projectiles if only Gearbox would add a crafting system.

2) Gigamand - Smart Gun XXL (SMG) This smart gun really is smart! It launches a brain spider bomb with tracking to take down enemies.

3) Katagawa Ball  -  Tsunami (SMG) The Tsunami drops with a random element; it shoots bursts of that element in addition to the normal SMG ammo.

4) The Rampager  -  Quadomizer (Rocket Launcher) Fires four different elemental rockets in sequence.

5) Warden - Freeman (Rocket Launcher) Another sweet rocket launcher, this one with guided missiles.

6) GenIVIV - Messy Breakup (Shield) This shield also has some drones that come along for the ride; the Messy Breakup is considered to be one of the best shields in Borderlands 3.

7) Aurelia - Frozen Heart (Shield) While not the best shield around, the Frozen Heart features lifesteal cryo nova.

8) The Graveward - Grave (Artifact) and Ward (Shield) Grave gives the player bonuses as they lose life, and Ward buffs stats as the shield becomes depleted.

9) Troy Calypso - Double-Penetrating Occultist (Pistol) A pistol with fiery projectiles.

10) Tyreen Calypso -  King’s Call (Pistol) and Queen’s Call (Pistol) These two are considered the best Legendary guns in Borderlands 3 before the nerf but now seems to be next to useless. However, if players want to pick it up, the final boss is the only way to get it. These guns have 3x tracking split shots on critical hits.

Hunt Bosses

11) Crawly Family - Predatory Lending (SMG) These bosses are located in Pandora, Droughts; they drop an SMG that uses money as ammo. If players were wondering, yes, these guys are named after Downington Abbey characters.

12) Skrakk - SkekSil (Pistol) Skrakk is located on Pandora, Ascension Bluff. The pistol has a seven-round burst; it also shoots energy blasts.

13) Hot Karl - Sledge’s Shotgun (Shotgun) Players can find Karl on Pandora, in Devil’s Razor. His shotgun holds tons of ammo.

14) Phoenix - Phoenix Tears (Artifact) This artifact gives players 100% health once they activate their Second Wind; the boss can be found on Pandora, in the Splinterlands.

15) Manvark - Headsplosion (Sniper) This is the best gun that players can easily get in Borderlands 3. It features explosive rounds and three ricochets; Manvark can be found in Konrad’s Hold, Pandora.

Rare Spawns and Targets

16) Road Dog - Double-Penetrating Redline (Shotgun) It spawns in Splinterlands, Pandora, and this sweet shotgun shoots missile barrages.

17) Tarantella - Hive (Rocket Launcher) Another rare spawn from Splinterlands; this launcher shoots splitting missiles that break apart mid-flight.

18) Captain Thunk and Sloth - It’s Piss (Grenade) and Mongol (Rocket Launcher) These spawn in Konrad’s Hold; they can drop a grenade that removes status effects from allies and boosts damages to enemies (although it's much harder to come by after the Borderlands 3 Hot Fix). The launcher shoots out tiny rockets from one big one.

19) Rakkman - Night Flyer (Pistol) The Night Flyer is one of the most unique guns in the game; this pistol brings down an enemy's health to 1. These guys spawn in Carnivora, Pandora.

20) Baron Noggin - EMP (Grenade) Spawns in Promethea, Meridian Metroplex; this awesome grenade destroys enemy shields.

21) Handsome Jackie - Iron Willed Nimble Jack (Shotgun) Although Handsome Jack didn't return with Borderlands 3, it wouldn't be a Borderlands game without at least a reference to him. This gun has great accuracy for airborne enemies.

22) Judge Hightower - Scorpio XL (Pistol) This mob is located in Lectra City, Promethea. This pistol has it's own shield.

23) Borman Nates - Psycho Stabber (Pistol) Another pop culture reference, the Borman Nates boosts melee damage to 120% and shoots daggers. This Psycho gun can be farmed in the Meridian Outskirts on Promethea.

24) Dinkeblot - The best thing players can hope for from the Dinkleblot is a Loot-o-gram, which players can turn into a random lengenadry.

25) Wick and Worty - Redundant Savvy Phebert (Shotgun) This double-shot shotgun is a radioactive gun. This Rick and Morty-themed gun comes from the rare mob called "Wick and Worty" that can be found in Lectra City.

26) Urist McEnforcer - Crossbow (Sniper) This sniper can be farmed on Promethea in Lectra City; it uses crossbow bolts as ammo.

27) KillavoltShocking - 9-Volt (Pistol) Another rare spawn in Lectra City, Killavolt drops the 9-volt, a great pistol whose only downside is the tiny mag size.

One Pump Chump Borderlands 3

28) One Punch - One-Pump Chump (Shotgun) The One Punch Chump is much like what it sounds like: a single massive damage shot. The Chump can be found in Lectra City. This gun is a reference to the hit anime One Punch Man.

29) Chupacabratch - Chupa’s Organ (Grenade) This grenade steals enemy life through their shields. The Chupacabratchs are on Athenas and can be pretty hard to kill. Make sure to aim at their mouths; it's their weak spot.

30) Private Beans - Westergun (SMG) Private Beans is part of a side quest on Athenas. It's best drop is the Westergun, the SMG that doesn't need to charge to fire energy blasts. Lucky for players, there's a save spot right by this guy, so farming this boss should be pretty easy.

31) Maxitrillion - The Horizon (Shotgun) This shotgun drops from the Maxitrillion spawn on Eden 6 in Voracious Canopy. This gun shoots an exploding hologram that blows up in enemies' faces when shot.

32) Heckle and Hyde - Whizzy Pestilence (Pistol) The Whizzy is the fastest gun in the game. It drops from the Heckle and Hyde targets on Eden 6. These targets are another of the many weapon easter eggs and references to pop culture in Borderlands 3.

33) Psychobillies - Electric Banjo (Artifact) Another Eden 6 target, the Psycobillies have a chance to drop the Electic Banjo that gives a 20% chance of chain lightning with every shot.

34) Sky Bullies - Shooting Star (Shield) These targets can be found in The Anvil on Eden 6. It harkens back to the Shooting Star of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. When this shield is completely depleted, it turns into a missile that does 5,949 damage.

35) El Dragon Jr - Unleash the Dragon (Artifact) Another Eden 6 rare spawn, El Dragon Jr drops an artifact that makes slide, slam and melee all ignite.

36) The Unstoppable - Band of Sytorak (Shield) More weapons bonuses from a shield! The Band also raises a player's max health. This shield gives weapon bonuses and raises a player's max health. These enemies are a rare spawn from Ambermire, Eden 6.

37) Nekrotafeio cube - The cube seems to drop a random selection of weapons, including a selection of legendary items from other boss fights. This boss battle can only be done once per character. Since it's not possible to farm, it's hard to say what the best possible drop from this "boss battle" will be. Players will still have to beat the cube to get the Lyuda, which is still the best legendary weapon in the game after the nerf.

These are most of the bosses in Borderlands 3 so far; everyone seems to hope for a lot more cool bosses in the coming Borderlands 3 DLC. Borderlands 3 is now available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Windows.

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