Borderlands 3: Best Builds for Moze the Gunner

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Borderlands 3 has been out for a few days now, and many players are looking to optimize their builds. For example, Flak the beastmaster has one OP build that allows him to almost instantly eradicate any boss in the game with the right loadout. That's likely to be patched out/nerfed at some point in the future, but there's nothing wrong with trying to get as much out of a build as possible.

In the case of Moze the Gunner, there are a ton of ways to play her in Borderlands 3, simply depending on a player's preferred approach. Whether players want to be optimizing their use of the Iron Bear, actively acting as a tank on the battlefield, or being an endless source of bullets, there's some way for players to approach this character.

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Moze the Gunner DPS Build

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Of course, one standard approach to any Vault Hunter is to spec it as much as possible for DPS to grind BL3 bosses as effectively as possible. In Moze's case, this comes in the form of utilizing most of the Bottomless Mags skill tree, focusing on critical hit damage and an endless supply of ammo. Because of this, a Borderlands 3 Vladof or COV weapon works well with this build.

Bottomless Mags: Minigun action skill and Exploding Bullets augmentation, Cloud of Lead (5), Stoke the Embers (3), Redistribution (1), Scrappy (5), Scorching RPMs (5), Rushin' Offensive (1), Specialist Bear (1), Some for the Road (1), Forge (1), Click, Click (1)

Demolition Woman: Fire at the Skag Den (5), Means of Destruction (3), Torgue Cross-Promotion (2), Auto Bear (1)

Shield of Retribution: Selfless Vengeance (4), Security Bear (1), Vladof Ingenuity (5), Experimental Munitions (1)

Moze the Gunner Elemental Build

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Moze's skill trees come equipped with various buffs to fire damage, splash damage, and speed, particularly in the Demolition Woman tree. Combining this tree with a solid Maliwan fire weapon, the Elon Musk flamethrower, singularity grenades, and a shock chain of fire railgun turns Moze into a manifestation of fiery death on the battlefield.

Bottomless Mags: Salamander action skill with Fuel Economy augmentation, Cloud of Lead (5), Stoke the Embers (3), Scrappy (2), Rushin' Offensive (1)

Demolition Woman: Fire in the Skag Den (5), Deadlines (3), Grizzled (2), Means of Destruction (1), Torgue Cross-Promotion (2), Stain Steel Bear (1), Pull the Holy Pin (2), Auto Bear (1), Vampyr (2), Why Can't I Carry All These Grenades (1), To the Last (1), Explosive Punctuation (4), Short Fuse (1)

Shield of Retribution: Selfless Vengeance (5), Security Bear (1), Armored Infantry (1), Drowning in Brass (3), Full Can of Whoop-Ass (1)

Moze the Gunner Tank Build

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Moze's ability to tank is heavily reliant upon her skills in the Shield of Retribution tree, as it gives her health regen and a lower recharge delay on shields. Using the Railgun in conjunction with the Capacitive Armature augmentation will also make the most of this buffs, and for a dash more of defense on this build, a Hyperion weapon is recommended. This is one approach that is also perhaps better tailed for co-op builds in Borderlands 3.

Demolition Woman: Deadlines (3), Grizzled (5), Stainless Steel Bear (5), Pull the Holy Pin (1), Auto Bear (1), Vampyr (5), To the Last (1)

Shield of Retribution: Railgun with Capacitive Armature action skill and augmentation, Security Bear (1), Armored Infantry (5), Drowning in Brass (3), Thin Red Line (3), Vladof Ingenuity (5), Experimental Munitions (1), Behind the Iron Curtain (3), Phalanx Doctrine (4), Force Feedback (1), Tenacious Defense (1)

Moze the Gunner Iron Bear Build

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Speccing Moze's skill trees to use Iron Bear as much as possible means giving up some of that precious DPS, but this build makes up for it with solid DoT and AoE abilities. This build sees players practically maxing out Demolition Woman, only taking dips into the Bottomless Mags and Shield of Retribution for a skill or two. There's some less way in this build, but when done correctly, this sees Moze climb into Iron Bear, equipping missiles on both arms, and blowing everything up.

Bottomless Mags: Cloud of Lead (5), Redistribution (1)

Shield of Retribution: Security Bear (1), Armored Infantry (5)

Demolition Woman: Every skill is necessary, with as many as possible maxed out.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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