Borderlands 3: The Best Builds for Every Character

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Borderlands 3 has been out for a while now, meaning a ton of players have moved passed the story and are checking out the endgame content, starting up a new character, grinding for better gear, and/or getting ready for the upcoming Bloody Harvest DLC. For some players, it's also all about building the best possible character they can, and there's a ton of content out there for how to build the BL3 Vault Hunters.

Therefore, here are the best builds for all 4 characters: Flak the Beastmaster, Moze the Gunner, Zane the Operative, and Amara the Siren. Each Borderlands 3 Vault Hunter plays a little differently, excelling at a myriad of play styles, but here are the ones that would appeal to a majority of fans either for general play, solo play, or endgame play.

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Before moving, it's worth mentioning that a recent Borderlands 3 hotfix has made some serious changes to the characters. Zane, who many consider to be the least viable in endgame content, is getting a significant buff, whereas Flak, which many consider to be the strongest Vault Hunter, is getting a slight nerf in their Guerrillas in the Mist skill. Minor changes were made to Amara the Siren, and Moze the Gunner was untouched. Weapons across the board have also been buffed or nerfed accordingly, with the notoriously weak Maliwan weapons receiving the biggest buffs.

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Flak the Beastmaster

borderlands 3 fl4k trailer beastmaster

Flak the Beastmaster's Boss Melter Build (A Glass Cannon that can beat bosses in a few seconds)

Key Equipment: Queen's Call, a legendary Jakobs Pistol dropped by Tyreen.

Stalker Tree: Max out the following skills - Furious Attack, Eager to Impress, Overclocked, Turn Tail and Run, The Fast and The Furryous, Hidden Machine, The Power Inside

Hunter Tree: Max out the following skills - Interplanetary Stalker, Head Count, Ambush Predator, Two F4NG

Flak the Beastmaster's Solo Survival Build (Getting the most out of Flak the Beastmaster's pets when playing the game solo)

Master Skill Tree: Max out the following skills - Ferocity, Persistence Hunter, Go for the Eyes!, Who Rescued Who?, He Bites!, Frenzy, Psycho Head on a Stick, Mutated Defenses, Pack Tactics, Dominance

Stalker Skill Tree: Sic 'Em (2/3), Max out the following skills - Self- Repairing System, Eager to Impress, All my BFF's, and Lick the Wounds

Moze the Gunner

Moze the Gunner DPS Build (A focus on Moze and high damage output)

Bottomless Mags: Cloud of Lead (5), Stoke the Embers (3), Redistribution (1), Scrappy (5), Scorching RPMs (5), Rushin' Offensive (1), Specialist Bear (1), Some for the Road (1), Forge (1), Click, Click (1)

Demolition Woman: Fire at the Skag Den (5), Means of Destruction (3), Torgue Cross-Promotion (2), Auto Bear (1)

Shield of Retribution: Selfless Vengeance (4), Security Bear (1), Vladof Ingenuity (5), Experimental Munitions (1)

Moze the Gunner Iron Bear Build (A focus on Iron Bear and AoE/DoT attacks)

Bottomless Mags: Cloud of Lead (5), Redistribution (1)

Shield of Retribution: Security Bear (1), Armored Infantry (5)

Demolition Woman: Every skill is necessary, with as many as possible maxed out.

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Zane The Operative

Zane the Operative in Borderlands 3

Zane the Operative's Twin Agent Build (doubling down on kill skills and clone buffs to maximize damage)

Doubled Agent Skill Tree - Max out all of the skills except the following. Do not invest in Sychronicity, Praemunitus, Supersonic Man, or Trick of the Light

Hitman Skill Tree - Violent Momentum (5/5), Salvation (5/5), Drone Delivery (1/1), Cool Hand (3/5), Death Follows Close (1/1), Playing Dirty (5/5), Good Misfortune (2/3)

Zane the Operative's Undercover Hitman Build (Utilizing defenses and delivering effective skills)

Hitman Skill Tree - Cool Hand (4/5), Max out the following skills: Violent Speed, Violent Momentum, Salvation, Death Follows Close, Violent Violence, and Seein' Red.

Under Cover Tree - Adrenaline (5/5), Ready for Action (5/5), Stiff Upper Lip (3/3), Rise to the Occasion (3/5), Confident Competence (1/1), Really Expensive Jacket (1/1), Best Served Cold (1/5), Futility Belt (1/1), Calm, Cool, Collected (1/1), Nerves of Steel (1/3)

Amara the Siren

borderlands 3 siren amara

Amara the Siren's Melee-ocalypse Build (A powerful melee-oriented build)

Key Equipment: Face-puncher, a legendary Hyperion Shotgun that deals damaged based on the player's melee damage, meaning this gun buffs based on Amara's various skill trees. It is found as world drop. Ward, a shield that grants 300% melee bonus damage when depleted, is dropped by the Borderlands 3 boss, Graveward.

Brawl Tree: For this build, players will want to max out every skill in the Brawl Tree with two exceptions: only 4 points should be allocated to Root to Rise, and the Arms Deal and Vigor skills can be passed up altogether.

Fist of the Elements Tree: Infusion (5/5), Tempest (5/5), and Illuminated Fist (1/1)

Amara the Siren's Solo Assault Build (A Hybrid build designed for solo playthroughs)

Mystical Assault - Fast Hands (1/3), Remnant (1/3), Max out the following skills: Do Harm, Transcend, Restless, Ascendant, Laid Bare, Wrath, Awakening, Avatar

Fist of the Elements - Anima (5/5), Wildfire (5/5), Tempest (4/5)

Brawl - Personal Space (3/3), Samsara (3/3), Root to Rise (2/5)

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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