Borderlands 3: The Best Assault Rifles in the Game

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Borderlands 3 has barely been out for 2 weeks, and yet players have already discovered a weird and wonderful selection of its legendary weapons. Now, with yesterday's patch including a buff to Assault Rifles among its many changes, there's never been a better time to pick up a mid-range powerhouse and go to town. Here's our selection of the absolute best legendary Assault Rifles in Borderlands 3:


Laser-Sploder Assault Rifle from Borderlands 3

The well-named Laser-Sploder does exactly what it promises, unleashing a constant and powerful laser-beam as well as periodically firing explosive energy balls. This combination means it's equally effective against tough single-targets and swarms, making it a great all-rounder. The Torque-branded rifle comes in all six of the elemental damage-types, and is a world drop, meaning it can be looted from defeated enemies, chests, slot machines, or, even better, farmed from legendary bosses.

Rowan's Call

The Rowan's Call AR from Borderlands 3

For those who like a little more style with their substance, there's the Rowan's Call, a Jakobs-branded Assault Rifle with a unique, Cthulhu-esque look and a powerful special feature. Hitting the weak-spots is more important than ever with this rifle, as getting critical hits not only returns ammunition to the magazine, but causes two new bullets to ricochet into the nearest enemy. Just like the Laser-Sploder, Rowan's Call is a world drop, and can be found with any of the elemental damage-types.

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Lucian's Call

Lucian's Call Assault Rifle from Borderlands 3

Sharing the same Critical Hit feature as Rowan's Call, Lucian's Call defines itself with a rate-of-fire that increases as players hold down the trigger, as well as low recoil and the chance to slow or even freeze enemies. It's also a sister-weapon to the pistol Queen's Call, which was one of the best legendary weapons for robotic Vault Hunter Fl4k until the recent nerf. Like the others on this list, Lucian's Call is a world drop, and always spawns with the Cryo element.


Alchemist Assault Rifle from Borderlands 3

Possibly a nod to the popular anime Fullmetal Alchemist, the Torque-branded Alchemist works on the principle of Equivalent Exchange. In other words, players can't get something for nothing. The price they pay to fire the Alchemist's highly-damaging, incendiary sticky-bombs is taken directly from their HP, draining first their shield and then their health at a rate of 10 Shock damage per shot. Combining this weapon with the Transformer however, a shield which uses Shock damage to recharge, means players can get an infinite ammo weapon that heals them with each shot. Again, the Alchemist is a world drop, though it only comes in the Fire element.

The Dictator

Dictator Assault Rifle from Borderlands 3

A gun with perhaps one of the most unique firing styles in the entire game, the Vladof-branded Dictator is an Assault Rifle designed for dealing with swarms, or with enemies the size of a house. It does this by firing a horizontal spread of 3 bullets in its default mode, all for the cost of a single ammunition and with a tighter spread when aiming down the sights. If players deploy its built in rocket-tripod however, the gun instead fires 7 bullets in a spread, allowing it to put out damage to match even the Lyuda Sniper when aiming at crowds or enemies with large crit areas. The Dictator is a world drop, and can be found in any of the six elemental types.

Borderlands 3 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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