Borderlands 3: How to Get the Batman Legendary Pistol

borderlands 3 batman legendary pistol

Previous games in the Borderlands series have been filled with Easter eggs to unearth and pop culture references to discover, and indeed Borderlands 3 is no different. From the powerful Borderlands 3 One Punch Man shotgun to a flamethrower inspired by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk, fans currently have their hands full hunting for secrets, and yet another one has recently been found. More specifically, Borderlands 3 features a legendary pistol that directly references the Dark Knight himself, Batman.

The Borderlands 3 Batman legendary pistol is manufactured by Dahl, and it packs quite a punch. Named the Surgical Night Flyer, this BL3 legendary gun can put out a ton of damage. However, there is one caveat: when an enemy reaches one health, they become immune to damage from the weapon. This is quite a humorous reference to the fact that Batman never kills, and many fans are sure to want to add this Borderlands 3 legendary pistol to their arsenals.

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How to Get the Batman Legendary Pistol in Borderlands 3

To obtain the Borderlands 3 Batman legendary pistol, players should navigate to Carnivora on the planet Pandora. When exiting the gates of Carnivora, fans will see a symbol for Rakkman, a returning named enemy that is clearly intended as a nod to the Caped Crusader, in the sky to the north. If that symbol does not appear, players that are interested in obtaining the BL3 Batman legendary pistol should quit and reload their characters until it does.

Once the Rakkman symbol appears, players should head to a cave from where the symbol originates, which is located to the northwest of Carnivora. For Borderlands 3 Vault Hunters that may be having trouble finding this Batcave-inspired cavern, the video included here provides a more exact location.

Inside the cave, players will encounter an enemy named I'm Rakkman. While the Surgical Night Flyer is not a guaranteed drop, players can simply reload their characters and kill Rakkman repeatedly until they obtain this BL3 legendary pistol.

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For players looking for slightly heavier artillery, the Borderlands 3 Conference Call legendary shotgun may be of more interest. However, fans that are simply have their hearts set on a powerful and comic book-inspired weapon should not miss out on picking up the Surgical Night Flyer.

Borderlands 3 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version also in development.

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