Borderlands 3 Trailer Highlights Amara the Siren

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The third of four Borderlands 3 trailers introducing the online multiplayer shooter's playable Vault Hunters has gone live. The latest trailer focuses on the siren Amara, a brawler that uses her powers to manifest giant arms to punch and smash her enemies. "Looks like a butterfly, stings like a bee. That's Amara,"  is how Borderlands 3 creative director Paul Sage has described the siren. But as the new trailer shows, there's more to Amara than her brawn.

Amara's introduction trailer "Looking For a Fight" shows that while, yes, Amara is constantly looking for the next opportunity to throw a punch, she's also something more. She's a hero. Through trying to start fights Amara has hunted down bullies, bank robbers, and worse. It's gotten to the point where most villains aren't even willing to fight Amara. Lucky for Amara, it appears that Borderlands 3 should offer ample opportunity to butt heads with some bandits.

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A deeper look into Amara's background has previously been released by Gearbox, for Borderlands 3 players hoping for more information on the siren. She was born on the planet Partali, where she was lovingly referred to as the "Tiger of Partali." While on Partali she took on major crime bosses, including one named Yetta Stone-tooth. She's so strong that even the Partali police officers were afraid to insult her or cross her path.

What empowers her to be the hero, the fighter that she is, comes from Amara's siren abilities. Prior Borderlands canon establishes that only six sirens can exist in the universe at a given time. Amara is one such blessed person. Her siren power enables her to, in actual gameplay, do a huge ground slam, cast an astral projection of herself, and summon a giant fist that grasps enemies in place. As befits Borderlands, she's also more than capable with weaponry of any sort.

Amara's character trailer is the third of four trailers that Gearbox plans to release in the leadup to Borderlands 3's launch. So far, Gearbox has released trailers for both Zane and Moze, the operative and the gunner, respectively. The fourth trailer, the one focusing on Fl4k the Beast Master, is planned to be released relatively soon.

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Borderlands 3 releases September 13 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Stadia version

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