Borderlands 3: 10 Most Broken Builds For The New Vault Hunters

Here's the thing, Borderlands 3 and Borderlands as a franchise has never focused on "balance". It's a franchise that embodies chaos. There's always a specific build that makes the game trivial, or a specific character thats miles ahead of the rest.  But, does that make the gameplay any less fun? No way. In fact, some people, including ourselves, kind of love figuring out all the broken combinations the game has to offer. And, there's nowhere that becomes more clear than in the character builds. So, here are our top picks for the absolute most broken builds we've seen so far in Borderlands 3. Keep in mind, the game is constantly being patched, so some of these might have fallen off the map by the time you're reading this.

10 Blitz-Tank Amara

Amara is probably the most balanced of the four new Vault Hunters. None of her builds are outright as broken as Crit FL4K or Bloodletter Grenade Moze. Although, her Elemental Phasezerker build does come close. But, what she's known most for, is those rock hard abs and her love of punching people. This is all to say that Melee Amara is viable. Now, these melee builds can heavily depend on her Capstone Blitz ability, or they can also work as tank builds while she uses the Face-Puncher to destroy foes from afar. But no matter the build, Melee Amara is constantly bouncing between foes and socking it right to their faces. And, even in solo, her survivability is crazy, since she has oodles of regen and the Guardian Angel skill.

9 Phasezerker Elemental Amara

Now, a pure Elemental Amara build is also viable. One that depends on Phasecast or even Phaseslam. But, her absolute most broken variation of this build is the one centered around the Phasezerker mod and the Ties That Bind Phasegrasp Skill Variation. Basically, this mod allows Amara to spam her action skill without a target and pump her Rush stacks to the max of 99. Doing this gives her tons of passive buffs like gun damage and action skill damage. And, once she finally picks an enemy for her Phasegrasp, they're dead in seconds. We love to use the Stillness of Mind Augment with the Ties that Bind variation, as it groups entire camps of enemies into damage-sharing bubbles.

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8 Fade Away Unlimited-Crit Fl4k

Quite Frankly, FL4K's pets are the weakest part about them as a Vault Hunter. Where their most popular and most broken build lies is heavily within the Hunter tree. Fade Away is the bread and butter of any common FL4K build, as it gives them oodles of crits. But, they also need to nab the Guerrillas in the Mist Augment, and their capstone ability should be Megavore. Honestly, any skill that has the word "Critical" in it, grab it. If built correctly, FL4K can crit an enemy from any part of their body, gets unlimited auto crits for increased damage under Fade Away, and gets ammo back at a constant rate while shooting extra bullets during his crit spree. It sounds like a real boss-melter to us.

7 Support Tank FL4K

Surprisingly though, this isn't the only viable build for FL4K. Now, don't get us wrong, there's no real build that centers around the pets that anyone could describe as "overpowered", but there is a support build that works. It's a hybrid support/tank build that relies on FL4K's many Health Regen skills and their Gamma Burst support Aura. This build is meant to keep FL4K alive constantly while sharing their regen with friends and healing them with their Action Skill. It's a build that is incredibly open in terms of the guns players want to use, and mostly serves as a vehicle for friends to support each other while they shred bosses with dual Flakkers. It's not exciting, but it can be fun.

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6 Endless Grenades Bloodletter Moze

This is the build we just accidentally ended up with on our new level 50 Moze. It's a build thats entirely centered around critical hits with grenades at 1 HP, which might sound weird. This meta uses a combination of a specific class mod, a specific type of grenade, and a need to get that shield capacity in the high 30,000's. It's hard to explain in a summarized fashion but this Moze build works around the Hex grenades constantly critting in order to heal Moze and regenerate more grenades for her to throw. It's an explosively vicious cycle. So if players see a Moze throwing endless grenades and somehow never reloading, they're probably doing it right.

5 Ice-Age Sonic Speed Zane

The Iceman cometh, and he's Irish? That's right, this is an overpowered Zane build. We're absolutely disagreeing with all the fans out there that say Zane isn't viable or that he can't be overpowered. Sure, he's probably the most underpowered character of the four, but Amara has just as many bugged skills as he does and she's doing fine. Basically, this build is completely centered around freezing enemies while making Zane healthier and faster in every way. To summarize, if the build is followed even relatively closely, every enemy will be frozen, while Zane will be buffed in every conceivable way, with full health and tons of damage buffs. There's more depth than that, but we trust that our readers can do a bit of research on their own.

4 Infinite Kill Skill Zane

Honestly, Zane has a lot of potential builds, and they're all fun. Though, the one thing most of them have in common is that they're centered around his Kill Skills. That's because it's quite easy to keep all of Zane's Kill Skills active almost all the time. And with this specific build, players will be using beefy low-fire rate weapons and light shields to stay in the thick of it. The funniest part is, Zane is unique in that he has two slots for Action Skills, but this build uses those Action Skills for utility rather than their intended offensive design. They're primarily used to re-proc his Kill Skills constantly and even stack them in some situations. This is a perfect build for players who like Borderlands for the gunplay rather than the wacky characters. Or at least we think so.

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3 Torgue Protege Splash Damage Moze

We're not too sure if this build is entirely broken, but it is tons of fun. And, it works well for taking out crowds of enemies. To explain in a few words as possible, this build is all about splash damage and explosions. It's heavily dependant on her Demolition Woman Tree, with a bit of dipping into the Bottomless Mags side of things. If done correctly, Moze's splash damage will be twice that of any other character. Additionally, each bit of splash damage done will heal her, shorten her cooldowns, regenerate ammo, and cause extra incendiary damage. And that's just the tip of it. It's not as invincible as Bloodletter Moze, but it is more fun in our opinion.

2 Gamma God FL4K

borderlands 3 intro song

So we lied earlier. In actuality, there are some Pet FL4K builds that can stand up against Mayhem 3. But, they're so obtuse, so completely against the established norm of Borderlands builds that most people just ignore them. We decided to cover one of them, and thats the build written by one Homebrew on the Gearbox forums, who is much better than us at summarizing a build in a comedic way. This build doesn't use any of the three Capstone skills which is absolute madness. But what it does succeed at is creating an insanely tanky FL4K and Spiderant who can solo anything in the game. The Spiderant becomes a ball of radioactive fire damage and FL4K is mainly there to support it. Seriously, at least give this build a look for its pure ingenuity.

1 Burning Fire Fist Amara

And lastly, we wanted to cover one final Amara build. This build is also a bit unorthodox, but we didn't want to cover a slight variation on Crit FL4K or something, so we settled for this. This Fire-dependant Amara build is entirely centered around the Unleash the Dragon relic gained from El Dragon Jr on Eden 6, who is currently part of the ongoing rare spawn event! Essentially, it always causes Amara's Melee to Ignite and the burning damage over time will match what her initial melee damage was. What this boils down to is the rest of the build is all about buffing up that elemental and melee damage and the guns are mainly used to knock shields or armor off. Once they're gone, Amara simply walks up (or Face-Punches from afar) and flicks them on the forehead.

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