Borderlands 2 VR Coming to PC

borderlands 3 announces vr

A new trailer dropped that announces Borderlands 2 will get a VR version on PC. The trailer shows off some the VR gameplay which looks to provide a full, uncompromised Borderlands 2 experience.

Borderlands has hit the marketing hard leading up to the release of Borderlands 3. Recently, Borderlands crossed over with Fortnite to bring some of its charm into the cartoony battle royale game. Now, it looks like the Borderlands team has found a new way to breath life into an old classic while also promoting their upcoming game. Good VR experiences come rarely, which makes Borderlands 2 VR an enticing proposition for headset owners on PC.

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According to the trailer, Borderlands 2 gameplay has been completely overhauled in order to make the VR version feel like a complete and immersive experience. The game will feature full support for VR controllers, which means that players can dual-wield weapons if they have the proper VR setup to do so. The trailer also shows a revamped inventory screen that lets players manage their loot by moving it around directly with a virtual point-and-click system. This version will also feature exclusive new skills and upgrades for the character.

Borderlands 3 releases in just a few weeks and will bring the series back from a seven-year hiatus since the previous title. The new game looks to continue to the loot-shooter trend that the series has followed since it began. Now, players will get the chance to revisit the story with a VR experience.

VR support has become a big part of game releases and updates. Recently, No Man's Sky received full VR support for PC and PSVR. It seems that as VR headsets become more affordable and more ubiquitous, developers and publishers see the value of adding it to their games. VR players will jump on any new experience they can find, especially if it feels fully-fledged.

Hopefully, Borderlands 2 will translate well into VR. The series has always featured a fast-paced gameplay style with a lot of information appearing onto the screen. That kind of precise motion and flashy visual stimuli doesn't always work as well in VR where players have to move their whole bodies to see what's around them. Still, the more games that try it, the better developers will become at pulling it off, so it makes sense to have VR teams working on classic games.

Borderlands 2 VR comes to PC this fall.

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