It’s no big secret that tons of gamers have had Borderlands 2 on their mind. While rumors, and then concrete news, pointed to the game’s existence, nothing feels quite as concrete as an official trailer revealing the title. And so, we have just that for you.

Released today this Borderlands 2 trailer isn’t exactly chalked full of content, nor is it particularly revelatory, but what it lacks in juicy details it more than makes up for by showing that the general blueprint of Gearbox Software’s open-world shooter remains in tact.

On display are a couple of the wildly customizable weapons and varied environments that gamers should expect, and that same visual style that made the title stand out despite being an entry in a very crowded genre. The art, the characters, and the no nonsense action are all well translated in the trailer, which should make a ton of Borderlands fans very happy.


With hopefully a small presence at GamesCom and then an announced demonstration at Pax Prime, Borderlands 2 has the potential of wiping the bad taste of Duke Nukem Forever from Gearbox’s reputation, and reminding gamers this is definitely a developer on the rise. While seeing their talents applied elsewhere would have been equally as welcome a prospect, getting to revisit the world of Borderlands is probably the more enticing proposition.

With the recent reveal of the game’s much longer missions, and now this teaser trailer, there is a solid foundation from which to start hyping up this project that, until a week ago when the game was officially announced, gamers didn’t even think was a possibility. Obviously getting better looks at the game in action is a must, but for the next couple of days/weeks/months it will have to do.

What do you think of this first trailer for Borderlands 2? What about the series makes you excited for a sequel?

Borderlands 2 should release in 2012 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

Source: YouTube