Borderlands 2 Steamworks Environments

Borderlands developer Gearbox is trying to assure that the sequel, Borderlands 2, will be of the highest quality possible. To that end, on September 9th the PC version of Borderlands will receive a patch enabling Steamworks support and implementing some behind the scenes tech that will help with the development of Borderlands 2.

The patch will allow Gearbox to see the habits of players, i.e. which customizable weapons they use the most, which areas they visit, etc. The technology will apparently play a role in Borderlands 2, though full details have yet to be given — likely to avoid the risk of over promising features.

In addition, new details were revealed regarding the environments players can look forward to seeing in Borderlands 2. The game once again takes place on the planet of Pandora, though this time around players will experience more variety in the environments.

In the original Borderlands, players really just experienced a similar desert environment and brown and orange color palette for the majority of the game. This time around players will see tundra environments and grassy areas, as well as volcanic landscapes. All of these come together to create a world that is one-third larger than that of the original Borderlands.

As seen in this hidden camera footage, Borderlands 2 looks to be a bigger and better version of it’s predecessor. For gamers lucky enough to have visited the Gearbox PAX panel, things just got even better: Gearbox gave out voucher codes to all attendees for a free copy of Borderlands 2 when it launches.

All in all, Gearbox is really working hard to assure gamers that Borderlands 2 will be a high quality game. By patching in Steamworks support, Gearbox is doing the community a favor by enabling cloud saving, and the PAX panel will definitely generate some good PR during the development of Borderlands 2. Judging by what has been shown of Borderlands 2 so far, gamers could have something very special to look forward to come next year.

Will you be picking up Borderlands 2? Did you receive one of the vouchers for the free game?

Borderlands 2 releases in 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Source: Kotaku, Destructoid