‘Borderlands 2’ Roundup: New Playable Class, Additional New Game Plus, Increased Level Cap

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Indefatigable since its releases last September, Borderlands 2 came to PAX East armed to the teeth. During its panel presentation at the annual event, developer Gearbox Software revealed a new playable class around a unique new vault hunter; a level-cap increase from the shooter’s current limit, 50; and an additional new game plus mode (with all the “new”s abound, we’ll just call it a new new game plus).

First, the vault hunter. Say hello to Krieg. Teased as a bruising, escaped-insane asylum experiment back at SXSW, Gearbox detailed the abominable new character during its PAX panel and confirmed that, more so than the other five Borderlands 2 classes, Krieg will avail himself of melee abilities. It’s due in no small part his action skill — Buzz Axe Rampage — which allows him to regenerate health either by smashing with the aforementioned spiky weapon or hurling it. Kotaku grabbed images of Kreig’s various skill trees, which can be seen below, while Gearbox released the announcement trailer for the caustic “psycho bandit” featured in the header above.
Scheduled to arrive at some point in May, Krieg’s inclusion comprises Borderlands 2‘s “Psycho Pack.” Curiously, though, like the Mechromancer class add-on, the pack won’t be offered under the game’sDLC Season Pass; holders and non-holders alike will have to pay $10. Why Gearbox chose this approach is unclear — and it lends even more ambiguity to what gamers are entitled to when they sign off on a Season Pass — but the news did coincide with the developer’s announcement of an earlier, pass-covered pack releasing April 2: the “Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack.”

Borderlands 2 already presents an elevated challenge in its current “new game plus” mode, True Vault Hunter, but the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack will add a third layer of labor, as its name suggests, with the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode. Players need to reach level 50 before attempting the mode, difficulty is ratcheted up even higher, and enemies will now be scaled to level 61.

Fortunately players will be sutured with their own enhancements. Also included in the Ultimate Vault Hunter pack is an update that raises Borderlands 2’s level cap from 50 to 61, mirroring its foes. The Pearlescent weapon type — an elusive but high-grade weapon type featured in the first Borderlands — will return as a luxury-find item drop. Furthermore, according to Gearbox PR & Marketing Manager Adam Fletcher on the official Gearbox forums, “inventory/backup/storage” sizes will increase for players, as will the number of ammo SDUs available in the black market. Ultimate Vault Hunter, as mentioned, is included in the Borderlands 2 Season Pass, but costs $5 for anyone without it.

Borderlands 2 Playable Class Krieg Season Pass

By May, when the Psycho Pack is unleashed, Gearbox will have added three story expansions (Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty, Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage, and Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt) and two new classes to the standalone Borderlands 2 experience. And it didn’t leave PAX without teasing that the “biggest yet” DLC will be released toward the end of June. It’s safe to say that the highly acclaimed (read our Borderlands 2 review), frenzied first-person shooter has maintained plenty of momentum since launching last Fall. Has it maintained your interest?

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Borderlands 2is available now on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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